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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Message to Jane

Message to Jane
Not much to tell my fellow readers today, except for a few messages: This blog’s programme for the holiday break due to Easter -> After tomorrow’s post I will make a posting break until Tuesday. In the mean time I will fool around with a little leaflet, Le Maroc pour elle bottles and will hopefully do some sniffing exercises.

Then I have a message for Jane: The samples are on their way again, priority mail. I guess there is no way preventing from time to time, and luckily rather rarely a sample vial break although packed in cardboard and bubble foil… except for sending them as a real parcels, but this would mean at least 3 times higher shipment costs. This is due to Swiss post shipment cost exploding once the thickness of anything goes beyond 2 cm….But, as I am not pleased with this situation, I will meditate on it while watching the full moon tonight.

Finally, a word on a thought that pops up every two weeks again, bothering me somewhat. Coco Channel (you remember?) supposedly said something like “apply perfume everywhere where you want to be kissed”, answering a question of where to apply fragrances. Thus…. A warning to my beloved perfume wearers: Do not spray on your lips!


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

LOL Andy!

Have a lovely Easter visiting family and hiking and packing perfumes and labelling and creating leaflets and......

11:10 AM  

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