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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I can feel how they laugh about me

Nice about words on paper or LCDs: They don’t cry when being bended. Silently they sit there, waiting for the omnipotent writers to put an end to their pathological desire of picturing a universe by a set of 20 words. The patchwork assemblies of letters just wait for the next genial idea of this strange god sitting thoughtful in front of his screen, facing their sudden death with the touch of a button and to resurrect within 5 minutes again. They smile and know. It is there, the perfect assembly of words, but this strange god just wouldn’t listen to them……

Thus, I bended my words to describe my leather universe using 3 lines in the flyer. The revenge of letters…I can feel how the laugh about me.

A scent created on memories of a wide land,
open pastures, earthy leather, warm smoke,
being there, I am free and true.

Ein Duft der Erinnerung an ein weites Land,
offene Weiden, rauhes Leder, warmer Rauch
Dort, wo ich wahr und frei bin.

French ....


Blogger Anya said...

wonderful, succinct bit, Andy. I tend to blather so when writing, I may have to hire you as my editor. I already have paragraph upon paragraph summing up the perfume, finely honed from my brief, and I'm trying for an entirely new way to describe perfumes.

Or so I think ;-)

11:55 AM  
Blogger andy said...

If you knew, dear Anya.. I would be a horribly expensive editor... I spent hours. Seriously. I spent hours for those three lines.
I remember when I did the texts for the Le Maroc pour elle, I showed them, first version, happily and proud, to W. who happens to be a teacher and is very defending accurate language and the proper use of words. It was a massacre and (gladly)I changed from eagle free flying abstract words to down to earth kind....
I thank you for your comment. It helps me a lot. It is very difficult to come up with the wright words, indeed.

12:56 PM  

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