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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Niche calling

I called Juvena and discussed with the right person, asking questions and explaining things. Well, to make things short, a final go/no-go decision is postponed until Thursday when we will discuss again. The person in charge will consider my case which seems to be somewhat unusual. And, as I am gifted with some imagination and in light of my 40 years on planet earth enriched with quite a few surprises, I am not amazed and somehow understand their point: They have invested into a trade mark and although they do not use it anymore, the enterprise feels somewhat uncomfortable giving away what they consider their property. I guess neither she nor me is on the spot legally competent enough to know in all details what their rights really include and how far they could go in protecting them. That’s lawyer business. As W. said the other day: “You shouldn’t have asked them anyway.” Well, I guess right he was, but I prefer it the other way. I am scared of lawyers and –if feasible- try to avoid their company, at least in business matters.

And I got a number, a first approximation for how much I could buy the trade mark “Lonestar”. Oups. I guess the time has come for travelling to Dubai, meet a happy sheik, let him fall in love with my leather scent and tell him that the only way to get the perfume is by buying for the trade mark rights. Positive side effects would be: A day on the Dubai beach, shopping for Frankincense coming from nearby Oman, and eventually opening a shop in one of those huge, fancy shopping malls.

I will continue working on the flyer until I take a few days off for this Dubai venture….

Next might be a note on words that do not flow and the iris-agarwood thing


Anonymous Leopoldo said...

Iris and agarwood together? I'm thoroughly intrigued.

...and behave yourself if and when you get to Dubai. I don't want to here of Sheikhen and stirred shenanigans in the desert...

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Couldn't agree with you more Leo..on both points.tee hee.

11:15 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Promise, Leopoldo, Andy will be a nice boy.hehehe

12:03 AM  

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