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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

do good

I have a friend who is very successful in business and one of his mottos is “do good and talk about it”! Maybe that’s one reason why he is successful…..

Well, I haven’t really done anything good the last 24 hours, but some good things happened, so let’s talk about these. One good thing is a post on PerfumeOfLife.org, featuring Le Maroc pour elle, which is so lovely; I can not resist copying part of it….” Not one note stands out to me… such a smooth blend of notes, so harmonious that I can’t tell where one leaves off and another begins. ……” The complete thread you find here...>>
Then, finally, my rose samples from Essencia arrived. Moroccan damask rose and Bulgarian rose, damask, too. I haven’t smelled the absolutes, yet, but I am optimistic to find a second supplier for these two critical components in Le Maroc pour elle. As there are a few crucial components in rose absolues from a safety and labelling point of view, (methyleugenol!), I appreciate the idea of having a supplier with a reliable analytical department! Another aspect of perfumery… the constant hunt and search for ingredients and reliable suppliers.


Anonymous Leopoldo said...

Have a fantastic Easter break Andy!

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

I thought that post was extra special too Andy.

11:11 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Thank you, dear Barry, enjoy your free days!
and my best wishes to you Leopoldo... I will take some time on Easter to read your thoughts on your blog, too...I think it is very funny and so thoughtfully writen.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous AnaisSegales said...

Andy, it's your perfume that's extra special.

Damask Rose

1:37 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear DamaskRose
Thank you very much for your comment and your beautiful description on POL... you made my day!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Leopoldo said...

I'm glad you're enjoying my rather sporadic and often daft blog Andy. And thank you. Keep on laughing!

10:57 AM  

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