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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gut feeling

(pix: www.sxc.hu, from the saint )

Graphics and a gut feeling

So I bought this book the other day about this century’s graphic design and designers, featuring examples of 100 or so top designers and examples of their work, or should I say art? A diagonal inspection reveals stunning ideas, simple and consequently implemented in artful design, mixed with weird creations where the form seems to dominate the function. With every designer (studio) presented goes a simple sentence, highlighting a key aspect of his/her work. Favourites of mine: Angus Hyland “Continental modernism meets British eclecticism”, Fernando Gutiérrez “ It all begins with an idea (ideas make money: money doesn’t make ideas) and you respond to that idea, using your knowledge to present it in the most seductive, engaging manner possible”, Suburbia “We are reaching for a perfect synergy of information, image, design and parties”, KM7 “ fight for optical pleasure” and some more. The last designer described his visions as such: “Moving in a world in which reality is becoming more and more a subject to the media, in which MTV-isions dominate and transform our personal way of seeing things, in a world where the media are pushing forward an obfuscation of regionality, I simply want to underline the importance of reaching back to your gut feeling. Create, don’t imitate!” This, I really liked. Reaching back to your gut feeling!

Thus, what is my gut feeling telling me right now? It tells me to keep things simple, and clear, the bottle packaging, the sample packaging, the style and shape of textual labels for my Lonestar memories perfume, and to keep the bottle simple, kind of straightforward. Thus, I have ordered the 50 ml glass bottles yesterday that my gut told me to go for. A nice aspect of obeying this inner voice: Zero cash out for marketing studies…..


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Great gut feelings Andy. I always prefer the 50ml size.

I like the pic on todays post too!

11:40 AM  
Blogger andy said...

hehehe...I couldn't resist. But as I said in the post...not my belly. a year ago I was still working out, and had a nice six-pack like appearance. But now... too much pizzas and too little time....
I think 50 ml will be perfect, also in light of the fact that the scent is rather intense and lasting.
Have a nice evening, dear prince.

12:04 PM  

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