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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot gun

When I was an innocent boy living my innocent life on the Swiss country side I was once approached by a girl from my class with the decent proposal to write something nice into her poem book. You know… one of those girly books with lots of pink and dancing ponies where friends and secret lovers would write down meaningful sentences for eternity. I belonged to the category friends and suffered because there was not much meaningful in my head back then. Thus I wrote (in German, literally translated here): “ There is an end (point) to everything. Only sausages have two.”

Without knowing, I was the herald of an eternal truth; men and women are different. She must have realised within a second and I fell out of the inner circle of beloved companions.

Thus, like a sausage has two ends, there are two sides to almost everything; it applies for the flyer for the Lonestar Memories, too. (I ask you to forgive my clumsy introduction….I could not think of anything better…)

Pix: What you see is a draft layout of the flyer. The color is slightly brownish-yellowish. Its functional purpose is two-fold: On one hand it provides EU conform labelling information about potential allergenic ingredients and information where the stuff is produced (somewhat faded in the background at the bottom). On the other hand, it will allow me to make one or two statements in English, French and German there where is blind text now.

When serving as sample flyer, immediately adjacent to the white field with blind text a 1.5 ml sample pump spray will be glued. A proud owner of a little hot glue pistol, I can glue sample bottles real fast….perfumer with a hot gun…..


Anonymous Leopoldo said...

I want a sample. When do I want it? NOW!

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Patience Little Leo. When the master is ready, we will all be in the queue.

The card looks wonderful Andy. Just be careful where you point your gun Andy, we don't want to be hit in the eye with hot glue!

10:51 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Leopoldo
I just hope I will not disapoint you.... You will get your sample but good things need time and patience...

And Barry: I promise you, I will take good care on my perfume lovers. I need you all for future discussions and ideas!

10:58 AM  

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