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Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer ante portas

Summer is knocking at the door. The sky is a crisp blue fabric without any clouds covering a sea of houses, streets and green patches. And amidst this green: A Clementine tree that suddenly realized what its destination is. I have posted about this little tree of mine before, but this time… flowers all over. When I checked it yesterday afternoon the bush was visited by all sorts of insects, bees, flies, bugs, you name it…. And it smelled like a Sicilian orange orchid, right here in Zurich. A very clean scent, well…neroli, with a creamy undertone, typical white flower but with less sex appeal than jasmine, for instance, and much lighter than gardenia. I am baffled and think about starting a Clementine business on the side ;-)
Thus, summer is here and with it comes the smell of dried hay. On my way up the hill to start jogging there it was: The scent of “foin coupé” (sounds great, doesn’t it? The French really have a way of making things sound greater then they are…on the side: this year’s summer vacation will bring us to France, biking from the Atlantic somewhere around Bordeaux to the Mediterranean Sea, 12 days, 800 km, that’s going to be muscle building and mind easing.). Back to the hay. A brownish, aromatic, rich scent, which is much much better than the foin coupe concentrate that I got once; marzipan, coumarin-like, definitely edible, and a scent that you will never forget once smelled. With this hay in my nose, I jogged and wondered what to do next.
Here are some answers:
I want to understand why the dollar US is loosing value. So far I did not really care about rate exchange issues, but in light of my perfumes flying over the Atlantic I am faced with a dollar that has lost 10% of its value compared to a year ago. Of course, issues like dept, growth of the economy, the oil price are to be considered, but still… please explain. Anyway, although the dollar lost 10% of its value I have decided to keep prices as they are, hoping that the exchange rate stabilizes.
I need to consolidate things a little bit. I want the samples for the Le Maroc pour elle and the L’air du désert marocain to come under the same design style (talking Corporate Design here….). I need to integrate my blog into my www.tauerperfumes.com website and I want to move away from blogger.
I will have to prepare a September event, taking place together with a little fashion boutique here in Zurich, then there’s the idea of making a flyer together with Pascal from Medieval and a lady who’s doing desert trips in Morocco. A couple of interviews will also keep me busy and …. Well, after 2 hours jogging, I got home, drank 1 litre of water and fell asleep immediately, under a blue sky promising a warm evening.
(pix: Clementine flowers again)


Anonymous Ylva said...

My lime tree (tha due to a bad wintere storage two years ago, look nothing like a tree) must have found it very rewarding dress up in flowers - because now it have buds allover it:-D
The scent of them in so intoxicating and I moved out all my citruses to the back porch this morning, think they will feel more at home in the summer heat that finaly have struck our part of the world.

When are you going on your Tour de France? Will you pass trough Grasse?
Email me privately so we can compare travel schedules and maybe have a chanse to meet up?

Now I go and read Marlens review of Lonestar.


1:28 AM  
Blogger Gail said...

Marlen's review was MOST complimentary. Congratulations!

Over the summer I expect that you will grow exponentially. I think I'll order the other two bottles of what I don't have soon - before you get totally fed up with US exchange rates! LOL

Here in Stockholm NJ (:-) The ubiqutous scent is Rose (wild mostly) and Peony. Plus, the coumarins from all the gigantic clovers. Very inspiring for those of us that are oriental fans! Happy Monday

3:57 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Ylva
Sounds like a lovely blooming citrus bush, too. Isn't it wonderful to finally feel the warmth of a summer sun? I will write you my agenda. The detailed route (especially where we will rest) is not set out yet. This is hard to plan in advance, but a rought estimation I can give. Something like 900 km in 14 days makes something like 60 km per day...
Enjoy Marlen's review.

Thank you Scentart , yes, it IS a wonderful review and I am very honoured. Please, do not worry about me getting fed up with the US exchange. The reason for my decision not to adjust prices: I wont people to be able to afford my scents. Because I like them (the scents and the people), thus... Of course, there is a limit. But so far we are on the safe side. ;-)

7:26 AM  

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