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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well, I could not resist. After a bombardment with football related news and pictures and sounds I found myself in a position that I MUST talk about it, too. Football seems to be everywhere, and I had a hard time finding a channel on TV not discussing a football related topic yesterday evening when I tried to ease an overheated brain. I ended up shortly on the Shopping Channel, featuring women’s jewelleries and on CNN, featuring Iraq. Both channels are rather monothematic these days.

Thus, I sat for a few minutes outside, watching the moon that will soon shine over Germany’ games and the Swiss and other football teams who earn so much for doing so little. And I wondered how little these games are used to promote perfumes. It doesn’t seem to be the right surrounding for selling fragrances, which is strange. All these sweaty men on the green and the crowds in football fever: The perfect environment for a green sporty, circular perfume. Ah well, so I sat below the moon and figured out that again an idea came too late: I should have come up with a nice green lavender note with lots of Ambergris and fresh, citrus-vetiver notes…for the Swiss Football Team! Hmmm, and then have the Swiss football team wear it! That would be cool. Of course, they would wear it and promote it just because they like it so much, without me paying for their exposed bodies. I would come on TV, as the guy creating the Swiss Football Team Scent, which helped them survive the first round! I could, as souvenir for the Swiss football tourists travelling to Germany and soon travelling back, make a scented football: Imagine a football that emits wonderful fragrances once kicked, a flying ambra ball!

Mr. Blatter, the FIFA boss, would wear it too. He is a Swiss guy himself and very, very clever in promoting himself and the FIFA, thus making the FIFA the wealthiest foundation on planet earth (which is cool, they do not have to pay taxes in Zurich, where their head office is….). His girlfriend who is amazingly blond and very beautiful and young, would love it, too. And thus, he would besides building his network of give-and-take (I give you a million to build up football in your poor country, and you give me whatever you want, like your vote), he would promote my perfume, wearing it in Germany, when he meets the boss of Bavaria (Mr. Blatter got a reception yesterday like a king or a states man)…

Well, I have to correct myself. I just remembered the latest Rexona (deodorant) commercial which is very football related. But to my knowledge, neither Blatter nor the Swiss football team wear it….

Well, in four years time, there will be another opportunity, I guess. Until then I will have finished my lavender note and stopped watching the moon, begging it to explain me the last mystery on this world: Why do people watch football?


Blogger Heather said...

I used to love football as a youngster - and cricket - in fact I think that cricket is the sexiest sport in the world - so cool, so gentlemanly (unless the Australians are doing it of course - but then have you seen them play football - anything Australian is rough and sweaty - I'll make a perfume for those guys!!)


3:07 AM  
Blogger colombina said...

That is a great idea, Andy!

6:28 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Happy Soaper (wow...that's new... you are transforming, Heather)
Great, and then we may compare the Australian rough and sweaty versus the European stylish (Beckham!!) sweaty fragrance. hehehe...
Dear Colombina.... in four years is my next window of opportunity!

11:50 AM  
Blogger moon_fish said...

Well, that`s a great idea!!!
(If only they would not choose someone from The Big Perfumer Companies, as usual... ;(()

Also, I remind you that European championship (UEFA) will take place in 2 years ;) so you better hurry yourself right now with your lavender scent!

I`m football fan, so I can help you with that mistery.
We are looking football because it is interesting!!!
(Well, I know some girls who learned to love football after their husbands and boyfriends)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is funny..
I happen to be in South Australia reading the comments and am actually wearing Caron pour un Homme - a brilliantly warm / greenish lavender as I write.
Strange how these little synchronicities pop up.
I'm not hot and sweaty at the moment, though.

Mark, Adelaide, SA

10:47 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Moon_Fish
Yes, you are right... they might well choose Addidas or Boss... :-(
but as may have guessed, I am not 100% serious about this issue... but some thoughts that I developed together with my readers on this blog finally made it all the way up to a final product, like the Lonestar leather,where Prince Barry came up with the perfect name! thus, we will see. Well, I will see how interesting the first match will be tonight!

Dear Marc
Yes, this is something that I find very interesting and discovered a lot on this blog. Synchronicity is an issue. Almost metaphysical...the internet bringing people together, linking them through a band of parallel thoughts and actions.
Well, anyhow: You proof that not everything Australian is rough and sweaty, I guess (just like not everything Swiss is clean and chocolate like ;-)

11:02 PM  

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