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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

examination actions

Lately, when being exhausted but not ready for bed yet, I watched a TV discussion on human evolution and what sets us apart and there the sentence was dropped “Thinking is examination of actions in your mind” which probably is true. Thus, while engaging on the endeavour of Lonestar Memories packaging, I had time to do these examinations of actions in my mind. Initially, my brain was functioning according to this idea (and I examined various actions in my head) and I had an idea: Putting my posts and some comments on this blog, that deal one way or the other with the Lonestar Memories scent, in a condensed form on the business website (or here). Thus, allowing all interested perfume lovers to witness again the unfolding of a story.

Thus, I started packaging and soon, my thinking was not examining a lot anymore. The routine of putting the cardboard boxes together infected the upper brain circuits and the mind wandered around. I took a piece of paper and wrote down from time to time what happens up there. Here follows an excerpt of some synaptic responses….

- The hemp rope smells wonderful, funny though; I never thought about it, this hemp rope smell fits nicely with the Lonestar fragrance.

- The whole package with the cowboy and the white cardboard box looks cool

- I love that cowboy picture, such a cutie, still convinced: a perfect match.

- That fragrance really is the real stuff, a scent which is very true, hmmmm I like it.

- Once it is out, it is out. What will they say?

- Limited progress, I have to get faster.

- I should order more white paper

- I want to work on my lavender note

- These sample labels drive me crazy

- I hate cardboard boxes and hemp ropes

- Ahh… a hundred samples more to go.

- Oups I torn the sticker apart

- Oh my… I just put on the same sticker twice, can’t even handle that. I have to concentrate.

- At least my samples look more expensive than the ones for Dior’s eau sauvage, I prefer glass to plastic. I wonder what Roudnitska would say about the modern Eau sauvage sample vial. He’d probably cry.

- I am there where I was 25 years ago, working for Migros during the summer break (Migros = small walmart). But instead of typing in numbers and fooling around with canned food, I fool around with scents and their packaging. That’s evolution

- I need a beer

- Do people realize it is all hand packed? Why should they care? They do not care, but they will realize that this packaging cannot be assembled by machine. Thus….that’s a Unique Selling Proposition. All hand packed in Zurich. Cool. I have to tell this.

- I wish it wasn’t my hands doing the packaging

- I need another beer

- I’ll continue over the weekend


Blogger moon_fish said...

Dear Andy!

If only I could be in Zurich - I would help you in this routine!

But Lonestar Memories should be roped and packaged by the Lonely Cowboy Alone! That`s another Marketing Trick!

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anya said...

Andy darling -- your marketing savvy is rising beautifully ;-)

The term that Joy perfume manufacturers use is "hand poured" and that's what I'm using. You're free to steal it from me, as I stole it from Patou,lol.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Yep the thoughts just keep on rolling - profound to the banal - and each more desperate than the next as time marches on a the 'to do' pile doesn't seem to get any smaller!

and I'm truly sorry to have to say that very few will give the packaging and how it got finished any thought, as they rip into it to sample - and then they may just be a few who turn their nose up - there is no accounting for the mass populous we try to impress!!


5:25 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Moon_fish
There is a symbolism in everything as far as this Lonestar Memories is concerned, starting with the packaging and ending with my clients opening the cord...

Dear Anya
Thank you. Hand poured is cool. And I once saw on TV ( a long time ago) scence from the factory with women putting joy together. Impressive.
Which brings me right away to Heather
my dear, I guess you are right, but.... you at least could do a video podcast showing the hand pouring or the hand soaping! Now that you have all the tools ready!

10:23 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Hi Andy,
That was a nice post, I hope you finish the packiging soon. I think people do care for the packiging, I do anyway. When I recieved your samples I looked at the packiging and loved it and really... I said to my husband while showing the packiging that Andy handmade them and glue the vials with a glue gun all by him self.
Are there no vials with a pin on it so you can make a hole in the cardboard and just hang the vial in it? I hope you understand what I mean with it.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Flora said...

HI Andy,

I know the feeling - the most unexpected ideas come up when you are doing something routine oe repetitive. I get a lot of mine while riding the city bus and drifting off to another plane of thought...:-)

I like the term "hand poured" as well - it sounds very elegant.

9:46 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Jenny
thank you for the compliments. There are as a matter of fact sample vials like you describe but without pump mechanism and you know...the glueing with the pistol is kind of funny. And for the cowboy absolutely fitting...

Dear Flora
I had my best ideas in my life when doing nothing or stupid things like cutting grass. I don't think that sitting and trying to thing about something really leads to great ideas! Funny, isn't it. Sometimes we need to let go, let things happen... and then, suddenly, it is there!

12:23 PM  

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