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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Artificial Intelligence

Therefore...patience and little perfumery posts about perfume creation but more about packaging in the coming days

And here's today's post....

I love AI, the movie, even if some of the science towards the end is wrong. And I found out lately -when watching it again for the x-th times- that even in a quite far away future Chanel will still be there. (this becomes obvious in the scene where the AI boy perfumes himself with mommy’s treasure, I think it is Chanel 5, but I am not sure). So far so good. Thus, the ice caps may melt but we still can get our perfume classics. I just wonder what it is going to smell like, then in something like 75 years from now when most of our pole’s ice has poured into the seas and turned Venice into water world Atlantis. Looking at this week’s weather I can not fight the impression that this melting has started a while ago and most of the melt water comes down on Switzerland right now.
Well, there is not much we can do(about the rain, not the ice caps. The later issue must be addressed now) but perfumery wise, we could extrapolate Chanel 5 towards 2073, in a similar way we do extrapolate the fate of the ice layer on our poles, and might still come up with a decent scent, fitting entirely with IFRA’s newest recommendations for 2073, featuring upper limits for linalool of 0.0001 percent and eugenol at 1ppb. In Europe, the perfume wrapping features a holographic chip, in line with the newest Communication 1195843A201 from the Commission, based on the latest results of a cell line test that proofed again the toxicity of alcohol at levels of 50%. Therefore, pointing out to all potential buyers, the chip displays the warning message in all 48 European languages that this particular product contains 524 compounds being considered potentially dangerous to consumers as follows: Water, alcohol, eugenol, linalool, limonene,…
While thinking about this dark world of future perfume regulations, I cannot but realize that most of my favourite films do not feature perfumes. Neither the Alien monster nor Ashley, the highly sophisticated robot, use perfumes. I do not remember any of the Carbon Units using perfumes, although everything would be in place to nicely reproduce any perfume, using the clever machine that produces Captain Picard’s tea. And in Space Odyssey 2001 there is no room for smelling strips either.
Well, maybe this is due to the fact that this future is too far away and Chanel has gone out of business? Or is due to the fact that in a space ship there is simply no room for perfumes? Or are these Sci-Fi heroes just too damn tough to wear perfumes? I do not know, but I am sure, Ashley would love a nice decent lavender note.
(pix from http://www.memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Main_Page)


Blogger Ayala Sender said...

Andy, I have to comment before even reading your whole blog entry, I just love A.I. and happen to know the identity of the perfume...Can't resist the urge to talk about it ;)
The little robotic boy David in A.I. splurges himself in about half the bottle of Coco, of all perfumes. No, it is not No. 5. I found this choice to be one of the most interesting perfume moments in cinema. An intersting and emotionally stirring Kubric/Spielberg collaboration.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Ayala Sender said...

Now, after reading your entire post (and getting over my excitement of reading about the boy David), I would like to wish you best of luck with your new perfume, Stardust Memories, and also all the best with making beautiful perfumes while complying with the European packaging regulation, IFRA regulation, and what have you... Where is that Sci-Fi chip appear in the packaging exactly? And how do customers get to read it? I have a feeling I was missing something there... I would love to smell all of your perfumes one of these days!

8:18 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Ayala
thank you for resolving what perfume it was. I was writing the post in the train and could not check it, and I agree very much with you: Emotionally stirring, and a wonderful Scifi perfume moment in cinema!
The Scifi Chip is more a dream thing, forseen for a far away future (I was dreaming).
Thus: The Lonestar Memories will be very straightforward packed, by hand, low tech.

12:04 AM  

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