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Monday, April 24, 2006

Wrapping things up and a message from the surgeon

Yesterday saw me reading a lovely comment on my perfumes on this blog’s comments page. It was one of this weekend’s highlights helping me through painful Orris trials (more later) and…being in love with these words, I will copy them into this post. I want Google to find this precious comment. Funny enough, I never really thought about it, Google does not seem to find comments (does it?) on blogs. Which is strange. Isn’t it part of this medium’s key features having sort of moderated discussion enabled?

Another highlight was yesterday’s jogging with sore muscles and aching bones due to hard gardening and my 40 years presence on planet Earth with some impact on my body’s regeneration capabilities. I could hardly move anymore on Saturday evening…Thus, while enjoying my endorphins finally soothing my body and mind, finding a jumping rhythm through spring woods with fresh luscious green, I imagined how to write a couple of posts. Posts, describing where I am for my Orris fragrance. I dreamt of discussion more or less all individual ingredients that go in there. One after the other, starting with the base notes, moving on the middle and top notes, eventually grouping some of them. Tonight I will decide. Maybe this blog will see a few posts in a row that deal with one fragrance from a surgical point of view, dissecting things. Kind of an anatomy session for perfume lovers.

Good idea? I don’t know. The trouble with surgery: The detailed investigation of the individual parts does not tell you all about the intact patient.

So here it is my weekend’s comments highlight including hope to come closer to my Sheik (Flora, I hope this is ok…): “Hello Andy, I got my Luckyscent samples today, and I must say that I will not be ordering any more samples of Tauer perfumes - because my next purchase from them will be a FULL bottle of L'Air du desert marocain!

I love both of them - I am sitting here sniffing both arms obsessively. Le Maroc is so rich and opulent, I would use it only for evening I think, it is certainly not suitable for my office. It is hypnotic, sexy, amazing!

But L'Air - it is magnificent! I love the idea of spicy Oriental style perfumes, but so many of them are far too sweet. This has the spicy depth and richness without being overly sweet. It just gets better as it dries down, and I adore it. I can see how it would be wonderful on a man, but I want to wear it myself, they can't have all the fun. The incense, the wood, the leather, all so good yet not a cliche' "masculine" scent at all!

Sorry I don't know any rich barons or sheikhs - but I bet I could catch one if I wore your perfume....“


Blogger Heather said...

My note to Flora would be - wear the Le Maroc - hyptonise the boss, seduce the customer, and just ooze mystery, femininity and sex - and in the office too with a big smile!!


4:31 AM  
Anonymous Flora said...

Hi Andy,
I am so happy that you used my comment! I meant every word of it! :-)

Heather, that sounds like a good idea - I guess I do need a bottle of each one! ;-)

10:26 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

Oh I am so glad you liked it so much flora! Yay!

Andy, there is this "word association" blog I like to read now and again, and I saw this word-of-the-day and thought of you :)

10:49 PM  
Blogger andy said...

oh oh oh....thank you. that looks interesting indeed!

11:05 AM  

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