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Thursday, April 20, 2006

News from Zurich

Being a niche perfumer means to constantly look for opportunities to be present and making sure that people at least know you are out there. This is difficult. And I appreciate everybody spreading the message that we exist….. We have basically zero marketing budget and I have to compensate missing resources by creativity. Thus, it really was a pleasure to prepare an interview yesterday, also because I loved the questions and issues addressed. More: Will follow once it is published ….surprise, surprise!

Then, there is a little news which dominated yesterday’s local TV station: Our Böögg is stolen, kidnapped by leftist activists, from the garage of Mr. Böögg builder. Well, what is a Böögg you might ask! a short intro you find here>> and some pix of the past you will find here >> It is kind of a white snowman, about 3 meters tall, made of paper and fabric, fully loaded with little explosives. Next week it is supposed to end up on a huge bonfire, like every spring, with half Zurich watching it on TV or live, after a parade of what used to be the guilds of Zurich and is now sort of upper-middle-lower class carnival. Bottom line: The Böögg is stolen and there is a piece of information that tells you probably more about us here in Zurich, than reading entire books about Swissness and the Zurich way of doing things. Believe it or not: We have every year a second, extra Böögg built, kind of an insurance in case it might be needed!

Finally, I have my little brochure done, except for the French translations which will be done in the coming days. The purpose of this A4 piece of paper: Being sent with every sample, telling clients in one, two sentences who we are and what’s in the perfume. It is intended to complement the flyer (seen before) holding the sample pump spray vials. It will be folded twice in a way that the front page features my little cowboy with his hat. Thus, things get into place. By the way, a similar little brochure is sent with every sample of l’air du désert marocain or the Maroc pour elle. Again…. trying to set a standard and to get noticed as independent perfumery.


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