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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Benevolent blogging

Here’s an interruption to this blog’s perfumery, sometimes self-centred routine.

Thanks to Katie we are given the opportunity to use our blogs once for good. It is simple to participate; don’t run away now, you can do something good without being mother Theresa ;-)

The idea is simple, yet effective. Bloggers will give to charity a set amount for each comment post they get on Mother's day on their blogs. Simple enough, isn’t it? You post, I pay, to a charity: FINCA International Thus, I am proud to announce that on May 14, Mothers day, this blog will do exactly that (as tauer perfumes has neither a charity budget, nor an advertising budget, the contribution will be by Andy personally)

!!!!What you can do!!!!!

Now, read carefully:

You have a blog of your own? -> visit benevolent blogging and join!

You visit this blog of mine from time to time. And you already post comments? -> visit on May 14, post your comment as usual and I will contribute 1 $ for every visitor commenting.

You visit this blog of mine but you do not comment, yet? -> visit on May 14. And post your first comment on this blog, just say hello or byebye or I love you or anything else. I does not matter what you tell. I will contribute 1$ for every visitor commenting.


Bottom line: I know you are out there, reading. On May 14 it is time to comment, once, please….

!!!!What you get!!!!

Ah… I forgot. There is something in for one of you…besides going to heaven and reaching paradise much faster:

I will (random, promise!) pick one of you who posted a comment. Therefore, leave something unique in your comment, like your name or a number or so. Happy comment poster who is picked randomly by myself or the fortune master W. will be given a perfume of mine, le Maroc pour elle, 50 ml, or the L’air du désert marocain, 100 ml, your choice which perfume you would like, sent priority to wherever you like. The happy winner will be announced and I will ask you to send me your address to forward a nicely packed perfume bottle.


Anonymous Flora said...

Hello Andy,

I have circled the date on my calendar ! :-)

(I visit a lot anyway - I just hope I remember!)

8:47 PM  

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