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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dances with post officers and a space dream

With the risk of sending my readers to the oblivion of boredom: Here’s an update of sample shipments. Of course, the very moment I have sent the samples and a perfume again to patient clients this weekend, this very moment the original order shipment finally made it there. I guess we all are happy! While still finding peace in imaging how happy my customers are (now that the parcels arrived), I read my mails this morning. Praised be Airbus or Boeing, kissed friendly customs employees, hugged the post officer and her co-workers! A sample shipped from Zurich made it to the US within 5 days, in non-priority mode. …..but as always in life, there is a flaw to this wonderful news: Unfortunately, my treasured Medieval team forgot to put in one of the samples ordered. Hrrrrrgggg!

I wish myself into Startreck world, where Mr. Kirk and Scotty just tell a sophisticated machine that it would be the ideal moment to produce some samples of Tauer Perfumes. And –bang!- using E=mc2 out comes a little pump spray with L’air du desert marocain. Kirk sprays it on, Miss Uhura immediately looses her temper and sits on his knees and happily they fly off to safe yet another world; the happy perfumer on the other side of the galaxy plays in the mean time with alien ingredients to create a truly alien perfume and only Mr. Spock wonders what the fuss about these perfumes is all about…..

(pix courtesy www.startreck.com)

Which brings me to the last serious point of this post: What’s an alien smelling like?


Blogger marlen said...

What's an Alien smell like? Why, Mr Mugler knows, of course - Jasmine and amber!

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Leopoldo said...

That Mr Mugler thinks he knows, but those lovely weirdos at Comme des Garcons seem to have a better idea...

11:48 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Marlen, Mr. Mugler might be wrong, with all due respect. I imagine my Aliens to smell wonderful, delicate and truly "alien".
And Leopoldo, I have to check les Comme des Garcons. Maybe they are closer to the real thing.....

11:55 AM  

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