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Friday, March 17, 2006

Clean lounge

It is decided: I got the cowboy picture shown earlier this week. Uff. I feel much better now, now that it is on my computer's hard disk. A closer inspection at higher resolution showed me a little defect in the hat..... cool. I like it a lot.
This authentic flaw I will leave. Some stuff I have to optimize, like the background, eventually.

And in light of many hurdles take so far I decided furthermore to clean up a little bit and get rid of some pieces of the past again; and of the leather's development process. It might be interesting to keep all trials in physical form for future reference, but I stick to the excel files and consider the rest as bagage of the past: You want to get rid of it fast. Otherwise you will soon get nowhere due to its heavy weight.
The cleaning up process is heavily supported by sound bites flying around my ears, I could go on like that foreever: Tune in to lounge radio and you will see what I mean


Blogger Heather said...


I'm assuming this is your marketing idea for Lonsome Leather.

And I really really like it.

I thought the cowboy full on - whilst gorgeous was too obvious - this bit of photograph - hints at something stunning which makes it sexier than the real thing.

Just that hint of eye and the obvious cowboy hat - absolutely great.

It works!!


8:38 AM  
Blogger andy said...

My dear Heather
Now....what shall I say! My heart just sank into the ground..... I did not think of it! To be honest, I just had a discussion with W., he who has this unspoiled taste, he said that I should not correct the worn hat by photoshop. He mentioned something like authentic (not his words, but still). So, I figured, right he is, I leave it. I will rush to my photoshop and see how YOUR idea! works..... maybe a little bit more eyes....
And an idea on the side: Who want to see the real thing would have to buy the perfume...hehehe.

12:37 PM  

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