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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Light and Shadow

Where there is light, there is shadow…except maybe you use a lot of light from different angles. In order to view things clearly, shadow is not a bad thing per se. It brings out the contours and forms, for instance in photography where your architecture shots in early morning or evening will turn out much livelier. Part of it is due to the warmer light, part of it due to the sun lightening the scene from the side. In that sense the sun was shining on Tauer Perfumes yesterday. Pascal received another order from a happy customer who has bought the perfume in the past again and again. Using the comments form she told us that she felt an urge to motivate us to continue because our perfumes are so extraordinary. She is in love with both of them and asked us to call her immediately for stocking up in case we would ever, ever consider not selling our perfumes anymore. Which we don’t. For the time being we will continue selling them happily.
Now, that was the light. The shadow was a letter from the US telling us that one particular shipment never arrived. We will, of course, resend it again. But it troubles us. Sending post to the US is far from predictable, as a matter of fact, sometimes I have the impression sending parcels and letters from my little space ship neatly parked at the event horizon right into a little black hole, where customs, post officers, or whoever is in charge, are making sure that nothing happens. I think we came across the weakest link in the whole globalisation game….

This shadow which primarily bothers my customers brings out the crystal clear positioning of our shop in Switzerland and Luckyscents.com in the US: Buying perfumes from us on www.tauerperfumes.com or www.lemaroc.ch is a touch more economical, but please be aware that some of these parcels may take a couple of days to reach your destination. Thus, the choice is yours!

Tomorrow (hopefully): Some thoughts about rose again, this time the steam distilled essential oil that I am trying to employ in my iris composition.


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