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Monday, February 13, 2006

Absolutely fabulous

You know these mornings when you wake up and pass by a mirror on your way to the nearest coffee cup? A short inspection on the run confirms your worst suspicion: 5 years must have been passed since you went to bed. A fact that is not reflected by an energetic, agile body but by a facial landscape, severely affected by erosion. Let’s face it: There are situations where even Heather’s balms and essential oils will come to a limit; I have an excuse, though. I am slightly affected by a cold virus sitting somewhere between my head and my lung. Which brings me neatly to my first thought: Heather’s soap, all hand made from scratch, with love and care. I got one bar, containing among other all natural ingredients avocado butter, grape seed oil and myrrh essence, and I gave it a try on Saturday. I loved the myrrh, woody and dry, and the creamy foam. The myrrh would last on my skin, gently, very gently following me through my day. What I adored most, however, was the smooth feeling of the skin after a thorough soapy cleaning exercise. Amazing. I guess Heather knows what she is doing and I urge you: Give it a try. Here’s her new e-shop…… Talking about shops: This weekend saw the German version of tauerperfumes.com go live.
The second thought I wanted to share this morning: My thoughts on an Iris note, briefly mentioned last Saturday. It was a first sketch, lingering for a long time in my head, and I dared to mix it about two weeks ago. Vero likes it. I love it, on the first sight. There are two, three details that need adjustment. There is a touch too much Cistus in it, which breaks through a little bit too hard at the start, competing with an otherwise impeccable head note accord dominated by the freshness of grapefruit, the transparent spiciness of green pepper, a reddish touch of cinnamon, moving over swiftly into an elegant heart note, dominated by an iris accord, combined with rose and the crystal clear, yet slightly woody emanations of Indian frankincense. The heart note plays with a base which needs to be a touch stronger, but without changing anything in the accord per se: Sandalwood and Vetiver over a shy sheet of ambergris. Today will, therefore, see some compositional work on this fragrance theme, I just can’t wait…..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy - I am impressed with the brilliance and shape-shifting nature of L'air du desert au Marocain. Create a fragrance that makes one search their heart, find the lost chord, and then - cry. That joy of discovery must somehow be created.

6:18 PM  
Blogger marlen said...

Frankincense, rose and iris?


Andy, I can't wait for future compositions from you!

3:31 PM  
Blogger andy said...

thrilling, isn't it. That's the joy of working with scents. Endless possibilities.....

4:42 AM  

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