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Thursday, February 02, 2006

banana flower

First I have to admit: I forgot about the Clementine picture. I’ve taken it but can not access it right now. Please apologize. In today’s free 20 minutes newspaper (Zurich edition) was a funny constellation of a somewhat rightist political campaign add, referring to too many violent immigrants finding their way to Switzerland and nobody doing anything against it, on one half of the page. On the other half, on top of it, was the puma add for speed boots “gets you there faster”, featuring a black boy in a black crowd, standing in front of an open door symbolizing the entry point to the world of the rich. Oups. That’s fantastic, bringing things right to the point, and providing food for thoughts. I just hope many readers will realize how cheap the political campaign is.

The 20 minutes paper is free and cheap, little content, trashy layout, but I read it and it is one of my best sources for ideas when I do not have real thrilling perfumery news. Today a little add for Escada’s Pacific Paradise found my attention, too. It is marketed as fruity scent with the fragrance of coconut sorbet and banana flowers. And again I wonder why I came across many blossoming banana trees in my life and never realized their smell. And I wonder why a banana tree which basically is infertile should produce any scented flowers to attract insects or birds…. On the other hand….why does a banana tree produce banana anyway? They are, from a reproduction point of view, completely useless….. food for thought.

I will have to ask Escada how they would describe the banana flower scent. They must have a 1-800 number or an info-mail…..It is such a pity, the world is full of wonderful real scents, like the scent in a forest after a heavy summer rain or the scent of garden earth in spring. On the other hand, “summer forest after rain” might not sell. People might associate slimy snails and ugly mushrooms and stinking foul trees when thinking about forest and rain; eventually I will have to create something like “The scent of Oak flower from Siberia, harmoniously joined with Mongolian Fire tree”, too. Sounds great doesn’t it?
Today’s picture: Banana flower.


Blogger Viktor Öland said...

Intresting post, Andy! The closest thing to "summer forest after rain" I have stepped upon would be Frederic Malle's very mossy forests of Vetiver Extraordinaire. I absolutely love this scent, but it's not quite something that would sell! Shouldn't someone start producing portable NMR's soon so we can start synthesizing nature's finest composite smells for real?

4:27 AM  
Blogger colombina said...

“The scent of Oak flower from Siberia, harmoniously joined with Mongolian Fire tree”? - Yes, please!! :-)

6:15 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Viktor
maybe... who knows? By the way: It is a pitty that you're blog is in swedish. I am curious what you said when you wrote blog sind tot? Does it mean "blogs are dead". When it comes to vetiver: I adore Guerlains vetiver. It is not mossy, rather crisp and clear. But I love it.
Dear Colombina
That would be another challenging project for sure....

6:55 AM  
Blogger Viktor Öland said...

Dear Andy. It was only my own blog that I declared dead. I felt that writing there didn't really add anything to my life any more.

Guerlain's vetiver is one of my favourite smells, that's for sure. I am especially drawn to the tobacco notes together with the wonderful citrus.

Yesterday I bought Helmut Lang's Cuiron and today I ordered the classic Knize ten. I am preparing myself for your - presumably amazing - take on the leather theme. Do you care for any of these scents?

7:28 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Viktor
oh... I see. Another dead blog ;-)

I know Knize ten. It is one (if not THE) favourite of mine. Then there is Curion. It is also a great scent, yet a very different interpretation of the leather theme. Do you know Gomma by Etro? If you like knize ten you might like Gomma, too.
have a nice evening

7:40 AM  
Blogger Viktor Öland said...

Thank you Andy, your comforting words make me even more sure that I will love, if not directly then at least eventually, Knize ten. I bought it unsniffed, you see.
I will keep a nose out for Gomma. I have great respect for the house of Etro.
Nice evening to you too.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anya said...

OK, where to start? ;-)

The banana flower is Michelia figo, related to yes, our loved Michelia alba and champaca. It is not the edible banana, Musa acuminata. BTW, the Musa flower is very edible, but not scented. The fruits are infertile, yes, no viable seed, and the plant reproduces vegitatively. It was bred to minimize seeds (they are there) so people wouldn't break their teeth, I guess, lol.

That said, i doubt very much that Escada has a source for M. figo flower absolute or EO. I've never seen any, don't know if it's available to the trade. Would think they're using synths. Perhaps they did contract for a plantation of the ornamental plant to be grown and set up an extraction facility, but I doubt it. My tincture and infusion process yields me some for fun.

Yes, it's fun and handy to be an ethnobotanist/perfumer ;-)

1:21 PM  

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