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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Yesterday’s cold winter sun saw me playing around, in an “l’art pour l’art” approach, with a pleasure scent of mine. The pleasure scent being Irisone, alpha; this fits wonderfully with the January sun with its cold spikes, its sunny brilliance and the vibrant heart which is so elegant. There is, although it is a single compound, an amazing complexity in this fragrant compound that I find extremely motivating to work with it. A clear sweetness, paired with a citrus hint, a crisp woody tone with a clean animalic touch. The tricky issue: To fix this synthetic scent, to render it into a form that allows it to circle back and forth. Some ideas are fixing it with a decent ambra background, agar wood, sandalwood, vetiver, enriching it with cistus without affecting its cool spikes.

After thinking over night, I might also bring in some Frankincense, now that there is Frankincense on its way to Switzerland again. Frankincense is another pleasure scent of mine and there is one source for the real thing: Eden Botanicals. I had a smile on my face when I read Will’s e-mail yesterday: It is on stock again, my CO2 extracted miracle fragrance, they stock up two qualities, both for a price which will be worth it, no doubts! I was told the Indian CO2 quality will be directly comparable to their previous CO2 extract which was triple A plusplus. Bring it onto your skin and you’ll be amazed what Frankincense can be. But maybe this issue is worth another separate post! For ordering from them: It is not on their web shop, yet; you have to ask for it… better do it now!

As mentioned before, it is still winter in Europe, as a matter of fact a rather cold winter, and for all its brightening the spirits, the January sun still does not warm our bodies. Lucky us, we can still afford the Russian gas for heating and get it delivered by friendly Gazprom company right from the even colder Taiga. People say that after a hip century where humanity efficiently turned oil into kinetic energy to move 80 kg of human being inside a two ton vehicle from anywhere to everywhere, we are flying into an even funnier century built on gas and coal energy sources. Let’s hope that Gazprom will still be friendly then and that we will have built ships and planes fuelled by whatever is available: To bring me my Eden Botanicals goodies.…. Which brings me to then end of this post: I am not affiliated…..


Anonymous Anya said...

You touch on a point I have written about often -- that the current transportation system, (and I add the internet) are directly responsible for the rise in perfumers tucked into remote places all over the globe. This would not have been possible ten or twelve years ago. And it won't be possible, as you mention, if somehow, the fuel sources disappear. Stockpile is an answer, I guess.

7:26 AM  
Blogger marlen said...

Thanks for the tip on the frankincense, quickly becoming one of my favorite notes. Now, could you manage to marry the iris with the frankincense and create something not too cold?

5:03 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Well, Marlen
not too cold...a tricky one. I think it might be done with spices in the top and some flower warmth in the middle. Right now I thought to bring in some spices and a hint of rose, too. This will certainly bring fire to an icy scent....We will see!
And yes, Anya... stockpiling is an answer and by the way: I feel much for comfortable knowing that I have engough material in stock to keep me going for a year or two!

3:42 AM  

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