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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Travelling in these times may have a disturbing quality. You weak up in your hotel close to the airport, have your breakfast in a room which is indistinguishable to the room where you had your coffee yesterday and move to the airport where you spend your time in a truly plastic shopping environment. There you will find all the perfume brands that you will soon encounter again, in quite similar neon environment, once you left the airplane. Finally, you come home and realize that you moved from one geographic area to the other without any changes in the plastic surroundings at all.
Well, maybe you are lucky and get the chance to travel to Uppingham and discover a part of this world which still is true in a sense. This little village was Monday’s final destination after travelling from Luton to Leicester and Oakham. Uppingham is situated somewhere in the middle of the British island, surrounded by green patches with fences and hedges and farms with old trees. Narrow roads lead into an assembly of small, dark red brick houses, surrounding a central market place with an old church, a coffee shop and a pharmacy. From this central place, it is 1 min down the main street until you will see the sign for Eieflud, hand made toiletries that you should follow for a lovely shopping experience. You will meet Kim and Julie in a little, light flooded and cosy shop that features products you will not find in your average plastic shopping surroundings. I was there on Monday, visiting Heather, and met Julie, who was just finishing the most beautiful package of a particular, charity related, soap bar. Imagine: A place where every piece of soap and perfume is individually made, packed and decorated by hand! I was truly impressed. And then I got to know Heather’s perfumes. All of them have a clear handwriting, an individual quality and a naturalness that is remarkable. Her perfumes are all natural and I must admit: Heather is composing proof that there is a world of all natural perfumes worth discovering. This world may be different to what you are used to but it will be worth it: Go to Uppingham and start sniffing… maybe you want to begin with the Fougère, it’s my favourite!

But, please do not expect the special treatment that I was given, though.… I was invited by Heather for a very private visit of her family, including MD, kids, dogs, cats, sheep and a pony all gathered happily in an old house (well….not the sheep and pony!), surrounded by a few farms and not much more. This is the picture I brought back home; Heather in midst of her family, producing toiletries that allow you to experience products that are truly authentic. Well, thank you, Heather.


Blogger Heather said...

Dear dear Andy - indeed the pleasure was ours; (next time I promise so heartily, I'll try to produce a meal worth celebrating)

And to readers of your blog I will add - that you are a most excellent guest and a privilege to know - didn't we have such a nice time though? I could talk perfume with you all day - indeed I think we probably did!


2:00 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

So glad that you saw a pretty part of our country. Next time you are over, you must try to visit Yorkshire where the Brontes came from. Some stunning scenery and York itself is a living museum. I'm sure you would love it.

9:57 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Barry
Promise: Next time I will make a stop in York! You live in a lovely place, for sure.
I send you fragrant wishes for the upcoming weekend.

3:07 AM  

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