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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Seeds of love

It got busy, kind of a kick-start after Egypt. Let’s start with the pleasures of a perfumer: Working with scents. I dared again to touch a bottle from Eden Botanicals that I bought a while ago with a slightly yellowish liquid in it, smelling disturbingly interesting and difficult – Carrot seeds essential oil. I know the scent since a while, I discovered how long lasting it is, how dry and woody and somewhat stingy, vibrant and warm, somewhat musk like, for me rather erotic scent.....but so far, every composition where I put it in failed entirely.

They failed because I did not understand the power of this scent and yesterday evening, I had for the first time an idea of how to bring it into a composition. I used it with a new idea for the leather theme, which still bothers me a lot. Et voilà, there it fitted, amongst a grapefruit, litsea cubea and rose dominated head, supported by a cistus, birchtar, cedar middle note, pumped up by lots of Methylcyclomyrceton and woods en masse. So far , so good, but the cardamom (CO2 extract, again from Eden) stands out too dominant, and there is a peculiar weakness close to the back that I have to correct….. you see, it is never ending. But, another pleasure for the perfumer: The W. factor (see a previous post about it) is very positive and the latest version of my leather theme brought me an SMS this morning, telling me how good it smells even after 12 hours. So, there might be some light on the horizon….comfort for the next few days.

Which brings me to the less amusing part of this post: I will be absent for the rest of this week; Brussels is calling again. And I will have to go to the dentist this evening, getting a surgery done on one of my teeth. As a matter of fact, one which should be completely numb, dead as far as the nervous system is concerned. This was my hope when the nerve was killed: Never to feel pain again due to this little white knob in my mouth. But, somehow, the root and bone? below got infected and I will probably travel to Brussels with a slightly distorted head. At least my visual impression will be remarkable.


Blogger katiedid said...

Sounds like your leather scent is shaping up to be quite interesting, and a bit unusual. Can't wait.

So sorry about the teeth. Ouch, that sounds downright painful. I hope you feel better soon!

12:46 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Katie
I feel good, no pain at all, which is not due to the anestetic anymore, but rather to a good glass of Ballantines scotch, with little ice and lot of Ballantines :-)¨
You know, I have to admit, the leather scent is troubling me a lot. Although I get some positive feedback I am not there where I want to be, yet. But I am working on it.. if I ever get a compositon that I think is ready to send it out: You will be among the first to get it: Promise! Now I go to bed and tomorrow I go to Brussels, thank you for your good wishes!

1:07 PM  
Blogger Qwendy said...

Hi Andy, good luck in Brussels! Are you from there? I'm terribly curious about Leather scents in general -- just got one from LT Piver and it's very green smelling -- what IS a leather
accord? Tobacco and something? Your leather combination sounds fascinating. Be well!

8:02 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Qwendy
Thank you... no, I am not from there; I am 100% born and raised in Switzerland, but I have to got there from time to time entirely for business reasons, meaning I go there, have my meetings, listen to talks and go home again, eventually there is time for one diner and a night in a hotel bed close to the EU Commission.....

6:33 AM  

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