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Sunday, October 23, 2005


This week end duties are:

Shower the orchids, as every weekend, by placing them into the bath, get them soaking wet, place them back on their window seat again and forget them (in terms of water) until next week end and enjoy their flowers.

Move my body through the woods (jogging), as almost every weekend, by fighting real hard with this inner voice telling me that I should be more careful with my knees and my back, as jogging can really be hard on joints and that I could just do nothing instead....

Pay the bills. Hurray! A safe haven for my money.

Anti-messing... Get a limited order into the weekly growing stock of fragrant starting materials for perfumery, once every 2, 3 months I get this vision of a clean, nicely arranged perfume organ-like arrangement of small bottles and of the stock perfectly organized in my cellar.

The treat: buy some goodies.....Shopping therapy and fragrant happiness.
I wish you all a wonderful Sunday with little duties.


Blogger Ruby said...

You spoil your orchids that much?? ;-D Me I just give mine a splurge of water every now and then (not to often) and no fertilizers at all (except for the ocational dab whenever the watering can contains some for the rest of the potted plants) and out of sheer desperation to survive, the continue to produce new stalks of blossoms:-D

11:44 PM  

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