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Friday, October 21, 2005

Extra sensual perception


There is a brain chemistry enhancing quality in the good old techno sound which is truly remarkable. You put it on, headphones recommended when listening in public place, 80 decibel being sufficient, and the little hormone helpers start kicking in, immediately. It is a cocktail of adrenaline with some dopamine and a touch serotonine, drawing a happy smile on your face; unclogging nervous tissue just like a nose spray frees your congested little smelling knob.

Writing these lines, I sit in the train to Bern, 60 minutes post bed, and listen happily to this CD (called extra sensual perception) of long past days. This is like travelling into my past, as this particular CD was an acoustic companion of my PdD student time in a little chemistry lab with three co-sufferers , me doing weird experiments on bacteria, called Thermoplasma acidophila, trying to elucidate their way of making the building blocks for DNA. It was very basic research, with a happy end but a long hilly route towards an answer which raised yet more questions; which I did not answer, but my boss, Steven Benner, still thinks seriously about these issues, where life has started and whether Carbon-based life on earth is just one example of many other ways how life could start and lead to complex structures, as complex eventually as our brain which is an universe of its own.

Truly important questions, almost as import as my leather subject…. An e-mail with some questions from Sergey (well, thank you Sergey!) was my companion yesterday when looking at version 8 (following version 7.6, 7.5, ….) of my leather trials. In my self-critic analysis I came up with two issues that I have to correct: First, there is a line which is too harsh and aggressive at the very start, partly due to a side effect of coriander combined with the Texan cedarwood. This should be easy. Second, it needs a hint more volume and a touch of sweetness after the first notes have passed, after about 30 minutes on my skin, it kind of weakens for a while before rising again. In a positive sense you may call this circular, but here I think it is rather a weakness in the construction that I want to correct. Techno boosted I will have to do some further thinking here….


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Ha ha Andy! I have heard of the Mozart Effect but never the Techno Effect.

8:04 AM  
Blogger andy said...

The next time I will try Mozart... wondering what the effect might be.
Any idea?
Have a sunny weekend

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Apparently, Mozart's music has been proven to boost creativety and the thinking process. This UK music company sells actual Mozart Effect CDs for specific purposes.


11:49 AM  

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