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Friday, October 28, 2005

Exploration ideas

My time of departure for Egypt is approaching; there is light on the horizon for thorough relaxation and inspiring input for my work and lots of photographs taken to use for posts here.

Yesterday, I was in the shop selling my perfume in Switzerland and although it was a marvelous sunny and warm late autumn afternoon, I wanted get some heat, to feel the heat of the market. I found myself soon discussing with a charming customer about art and the creative process in general. She, being a painter, asked me how I address a new perfume idea: What I have at the time when I start with a creation and how I move on. And finally we realized that we work quite the same way, starting with an idea or a vision, having the lines in our head, seeing the picture on the canvas. It is a little bit like the stonemason seeing the figure within the stone. Luckily, he just has to remove things to get to the statue.... we have add things which is much harder ;-)

With the first few lines of paint on the canvas, a process kicks in which is anarchic, liquid in a sense and an interplay between an imaginary picture in our head and the materialized colors and figures starts off. It is this dynamic process which a client of mine once called the liquid phase of the innovation process. Innovation in the sense of bringing products to the market.

Starting from the gaseous phase of building a pure idea without thinking about how to materialize it, you enter a liquid state where things get touchable, specific in a sense, but still free flowing from here to there. Finally, you enter the solid state, where you bring things to the market, make series products and start getting bored .... Well, this is the brute, abbreviated version. More about these phases and Creaholic here....


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