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Monday, October 24, 2005


One of this weekend’s highlights was, besides e-banking and paying some checks, my meeting with Vero and the final ultimate wrap up of the invitation text for our scent apero, getting it ready for print. As a matter of fact, I was finalizing the text in the bath tub, after having sent a personal invitation to my little imaginative private muse to join the warm water. Unfortunately, my timid call for support remained unnoticed thus the text stayed close to where it already was. Not, that the text would be lengthy or otherwise an outstanding specimen of textual art; but I wanted to go through the words, each of it, considering whether they are really needed and at their appropriate place, and eventually come up with the ultimate formula and graphical setting. Well then: Be it! As we will have a lecture on Canetti’s “Voices from Marakkesh”, I am optimistic to attract quite a few perfume and Morocco lovers.

One issue of discussion with Vero was, of course, the leather thing. The ambiance being the lobby of Zurich’s Hyatt with a wonderful Chardonnay, we couldn’t but conclude that the whole thing is getting somewhere but it is too tame, respectively dull and boring. Both of us are driven by an urge to make things perfect. And luckily enough, we are under no pressure what so ever not to do so. I forced the leather on a line where it becomes pleasant but misses the punch entirely. Meaning: Back to the lab! Allow me here again a reference to the wild life of Africa’s wild, wild East: The leather theme right now is there where a lion would be after 5 hours wellness treatment on 5th avenue in NYC, including fango packs, extra volume shampoo and some refreshing of colour to bring out the beauty of his head hair. From his 20th floor window he’s watching yellow cabs and is enjoying his Valium induced peaceful mood while a desperate photographer figures out how to make this ultimate photo of the wild beast for Vogue’s next edition cover page.


Blogger Ruby said...

Oh Andy, that part about the lion had me in titters - very picturesque. Wonder if my girls would go after that pampered cat or if they prefer the smell of the wild and untamed ones? (for those who don't know the breed, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are called African Liondogs - grin). maybe I can try my upcoming leather experimentations on them ROFLOL.
On top of that, now I know why all your posts are so enjoyable to read - you weight every word on that golden scale of yours. Me, I just poor them out :-D

3:38 AM  

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