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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Some of you probably realized: I activated the spam filter on this blog, thus you have to type in a few check characters before your comments will go live. It was a preventive measure as the spam that landed on this blog was still moderate and mostly related to perfumery, like some weird announcements of after shave pages. Nobody would really visit these websites without their blog spam messages misleading Google’s little web crawlers towards them to finally reach a higher ranking, but they are harmless and with my daily after shave posts I consider myself a happy blogger.

As far as my e-mail is concerned, I am not so happy, indeed. Ms Vanessa is still mailing me daily, in her second state of excitement about my last e-mail (which I have never sent), funny enough she is using every time a new mail account, a constant guest is Mr Doctor who thinks I am obese, depressed or otherwise deficient. I feel daily sorry for dear Ms Obongo (widow of Mr Obongo, his Excellency) who writes lengthy letters begging for help to finally find a safe harbour for her money in Switzerland (obviously unaware of modern e-banking solutions), I am offered plastic flowers and rugs for my office, I could buy expensive software for nothing, I am warned of constant expiry of my e-bay account, and I win the lottery on a more or less daily basis. Contrary to the plastic flower offer, these joyful announcements of big fortunes are kind of a torture as I really would like to win the lottery and buy…..Orris Butter!

Again, I would do so by visiting my little Eden botanicals shop. I would buy all I can get for it is truly dream stuff. Their orris butter from Italy is a creamy, yellowish paste, it is completely dry, as dry as can be I guess, vibrantly woody, without a sugar crust attached to it. It is very present once applied on the skin, but without asking for attendance. It is just there and I guess it would integrate perfectly into a rose heart and vetiver/sandalwood body. And many others….
In my nose and brain it feels like the Savannah, dry grass and animally and furry, remembering me of safaris trips in East Africa, where I had the opportunity to smell zebras and other wild animals in their natural habitat, surrounded by tourists in their safari mobiles. Which, by the way, did not affect them at all; the only thing a zebra seems to worry about is carnivores on four legs. (Two legs good, four legs bad….)

I have not worked with Orris Butter, I have to admit (see above), but I guess that its fixative and supportive power is enormous. If you happen to win the lottery: Go for it!


Blogger Ruby said...

I do not have the orris butter - yet, but meanwhile I have the orris CO2 (hmm iris würstel?) from Duft&Schönheit in Germany and that is very lovely. But if you haven't tried this way to get the wonderful orris aroma, get some nice orris root powder and make a tincture. Sorry, don't have the proportions of powder vs alcohol in my head, but I can email it to you later if you are interested. It takes a while for the tincture to mature, but I think it's worthwile waiting for. It makes a terrific base for quite many type of fragrances - just love it:-D

1:36 AM  
Blogger Tania said...

I have resolved one day to write a short story populated entirely with characters from spam email.

(Would you like a Gmail invitation? You'll never have to so much as look at spam again unless you want to.)

May a truck carrying millions of dollars worth of orris skid and overturn in front of your house, harming no one, but discreetly chucking a wayward container of the stuff into your bedroom window.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Andy, your blog entries have the instant effect of making me smile and relaxing me after a hard day of teaching numeracy to adult learners. The very metion of Ms Vanessa and Ms Obongo (widow of Mr Obongo, His excellency) had me almost ROTFLMAO!

I have never had te pleasure of smelling Orris butter but from your writings, it must be wonderful.

10:04 AM  
Blogger andy said...

It sure is, Barry! It is dreamstuff.
Have a nice evening

2:30 PM  

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