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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Profane agenda

With this blog’s title being „perfumery" I feel obliged to post from time to time about issues that are positioned on a profanity scale going from 0 to 5 in the five region with a fun factor on a much lower scale. When deciding a while ago to create a perfume for a market full of happy consumers awaiting our launch, these issues were not on my event horizon. The market was considered to be huge (it is enormous as a matter of fact) and the rest would happen. It is the situation of being a traveller through space, sailing with your ion driven space ship luckily in a gigantic emptiness with bright gleaming stars all over. A while ago we decided to make this huge step for mankind and lifted off from planet earth to fly to this particular nice star, not far away in cosmic distances. We may be a hero on planet earth but in our little spaceship we are engaged in cleaning the floor and changing light bulbs and other boring stuff on a fun level close to zero. Things you rarely see in science fiction movies.

Well, here we are and embrace empty space and profanity. To do list: Thinking about how to get a little article in my favourite newspaper: The NZZ. They write sometimes about stuff like a new boutique so, they might well write about our shop or about my perfume… Creating text for an add for our Scents of the Maghreb event, writing a letter or two, calling a glass vial supplier to figure out why I got the bill already with the vials still being somewhere but not in my place (it is not about perfume bottles, which would be much higher on a fun scale…. it’s about simple vials to do experiments)

An announcement for this weekend: The coming days are top on the fun level scale. I will spend Friday evening until Sunday in the Alsace. Therefore: No posts over the weekend.


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