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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

old fashioned

After an epic fooling around with Excel, trying to get an overview about postage paid, cash in and cash out, I treated myself for 2 hours with working right away on the skeleton of yesterday. Lines of actions: Add some flesh to the base with tonka beans (replacing coumarin), vetiverol, a hint patchouli and vanillin, some ambrein to the cistus and oakmoss, up to the IFRA allowed limit. Adding hair and skin by addition of ionone, beta, phenylethylalcohol and iso-amylsalicylate to the orris line, and blood and nervous tissue by the addition of some methyl-pamplemouse (guessed right: brings in a citrus, green, vetiver line), linalool, linalylpropionate.

Humbly begging for attention, the preliminary result landed under W.'s nose, while Germany-Italy was still playing at 0:0. The comment was something like:" Hmmm ..that's new and interesting....move it and play that ball!.....it smells like.....ohhhh, again they can't keep the ball.....something....ahhh, what a chance..... something familiar, like a classic....go,go,go.... a little bit old fashioned".

Humbly returning to my computer, the formula changes were entered in excel and the perfumer entered in a thinking loop: Are my compositions old fashioned? Grummel-grübel-studier (no translation...). Well, looking back at last Saturday's sniffing meeting with Vero, old fashioned might turn out to be a compliment. We sniffed Que sais je?, by Caron. This, after scents that seem to have been created by Mr. 666, the bad beast, you name it, with the purpose to send our noses to a frozen universe, expanded endlessly, with not much more left than 0.1 degree Kelvin background noise. And then there came Que sais je. Tuberose, vanilla, civet, oakmoss, so fine, so rich, so yummy, with this wonderful orris story, powdery and lasting. A dream!

Now, coming back today to yesterday's trial: Somewhat too hairy: I have to shave this barbarian thing. It could need a little bit more vibrance energy at the beginning, it does not seem to know how to use its muscles yet, and I have give it a little bit more of a green powdery make-up.


Blogger Heather said...


I think old fashioned is good - there is honesty in the attempts somehow, and a freshness that will never date. This is something good - unlike the footy which has bored me rigid.


3:28 AM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Got to agree with Heather, old fashioned is good.

I don't agree with Heather on the football though, sorry H. I could have wept last night when Germany were knocked out. Of course, Phillip Lahm was our favourite member of the German team, with Podolski running a close 2nd.

Hey Andy, we are turning your perfume blog into a football blog...cool!!!!!!

5:39 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Heather...thank you for your comforting words. Maybe...what is old fashioned today becomes trendy tomorrow? we will see. Fragrant wishes
Dear Barry, next time, in 4 years(?).. we gonna make a perfume football competition. Something like who gets most results right (or the winner) gets a perfume for free....We could build an entire marketing campaign on it! including scented footballs and an anti-stinky-sweaty-shirts-and-sneakers-perfume-splash ;-)
Enjoy the game!

10:04 AM  
Blogger colombina said...

Your scents are not old fashioned, Andy, they are classic.

10:05 AM  
Blogger colombina said...

Your scents are not old fashioned, Andy, they are classic.

10:05 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Ha! Juhee, and jubilier! (doesn't translate) that's the way to say it. you are absolutely right...I am off to tell W. (it is a break right now between first and second part of France versus Portugal).... Thank you :-)

12:54 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Well I'll allow HRH a nubbin of agreement - some of the footballers were worth a quick peek - and I'm very much in favour of the French team on those virtues. Vive la France in the final!

5:57 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Heather
I am glad that you could find a little teaser in this game. Well, although I spent an evening doing things in the background while the games were running (for W. watching like hypnotized) I am still not really addicted.I just let it happen, wondering how the world will look once everything is over. Hard to imagine, isn't it?

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Flora said...

HI Andy,

I just love the way you describe your perfume-making process, it's so creative and expressive.

Old-fashioned can be very good indeed - most of my favorite classic perfumes were created decades ago (Patou, Caron etc.)and they never lose their appeal. I think yours will do the same. You have avoided being trendy or clever and instead you have created true timeless beauty.

12:43 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Flora
thank you very much for your lovely comment. I read it right after coming back from my perfume bench-mess-organ, where I was working on the lavender....trying to make it a little bit less oldfashioned, while leaving it "classic".... To read your comment now is so rewarding as a few tests for something "more modern" did not make me happy.
Thank you.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:17 PM  

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