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Monday, July 03, 2006

Still life

When looking at my basil babies in front of the house yesterday evening, with the sun approaching the horizon and pouring an orange light over Zurich, I couldn't help realizing the allegory of things in front of me.I met with Vero on Saturday and we had an excellent exchange, and as always I came home loaded with ideas and impressions. I will talk a little bit about it tomorrow.
Thus, back to the still life in front of my house: A nice allegory for my approach of the lavender scent somehow, the only thing missing is the fir. You see the lavender on the right, visited by bees and butterflies in the evening, in full bloom right now. To the left are the petunia which smell awesome, vanilla-musk-powdery-animalic, and then there are the basil seedlings, not smelling much yet, but they will, green, green, green and somewhat camphorwood spicy, yummy! In front, there is the thyme. I have a lemon thyme essential oil from France and this is what I want to try this week with my lavender, complementing the touch vanilla that I try to bring in the back. In the back to the left you see a piece of wood that is rotting there (I leave it because it makes a nice border line and it is home to many little insects, playing their games there. )Bring your nose there and you are transported into a world of wet forest soil, remembering of agarwood, ambergris, with a touch of mushroom.
With this picture I engage into another week that will see me thinking hard about September until December 06, stocking things, streamlining things and consolidating things. Issues that I will cover later this week, once the still life has found its way into a little glass bottle on my desk…..


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