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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scent of summer

When driving home in the evening after a short visit of mom, I cruised through waves of what is ...the scent of summer. After the orgie of spring scents so rich in salicylates, white flower's indoles and fragrances desperately calling the bees, it is now the time of lavender flowering in the garden, cool mossy scents from the dark woods and dry hay and wheat ripening. With the windows open, hair in the wind, the villages passed by at this peaceful evening, and with lots of dogs together with their masters, doing the last round around the block, I headed home. There, I witnessed the partial devastation of a kitchen within 2.5 minutes, resulting in an abrubt shift of activities, like the thunderstorm later tonight that washed away the fragrances of a summer night.

Here is how: (for further details: please consult W.....) Take 1 ounce of milk, add it to the leftover of honey in the honey pot, put it into the microwave for 2 minutes, setting high (high like "get that nuclear power plant running,.... W. is making his milk"), take it out (not boiling), shake it (spontaneous boiling) and watch your kitchen getting covered with a milky honey soup, sticky juice all over, smelling wonderful....It was time for a short lesson in physics of the boiling process, exemplified in our kitchen and some cleaning activities.

The bed saw me -after many mails that needed to be finished- covered in a scent chord, simple but highly interesting: Okoumal, Cistus, and my Mr. beaver imitate. I test this chord for my lavender thing, as one of the base accords and was amazed how well the beaver, this thick wet fir, dirty animal scent works with the cistus. Here, I have a special quality, the steam distilled essential oil combined with extract. I do not know exactly how it is done, but it lasts longer, is darker, more intense and has this rich woody and furry quality that I love. Bottomline: I slept wonderful and can see how these three compounds might work together. The Okoumal brings in a woody ambergris effect and vibrant lightheartedness that will fit very well with a lavender accord. This is excellent. It would be the first time that I finally might engage my little beaver who swims around in his pool since years, waiting for its call to serve mankind.

Mr. Beaver was carrying me then over the water to the other side, called dreamland. On my way there I looked back at today's short telephone conversation with the German Vogue that will feature a little news about the L'air du desert marocain, somewhen in August.


Blogger katiedid said...

EEEK! I hope W didn't burn himself! That can be dangerous. The pressure that builds up from the heat inside a container can cause some impressive eruptions. (My husband once got a hot tomato sauce all over the ceiling in a similar manner. Boy was that fun to wash off.)

Dang - German Vogue? Wow. How cool is that? Is it a little interview, or is it a featurette on the Air scent only?

5:05 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Ah Katie... I wished it was an interview. No, it will be a featurette or something in that class on the air du desert. But still. It is nice to be in Vogue (first in my life)

9:25 PM  

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