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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


In Swiss German, this post would start with something like," ohhhh, niä meh......" which easily translates into "ohh, never again". I am talking about yesterday's evening that I can still feel in my bones and ...... well, it was spontaneous. Riding home on my bike I passed by the Alte Trotte, the restaurant, where Alice, a dear friend of mine invited me to join her for a glass of wine before the big game, the football game between Switzerland and our Eastern friends from the Ukrania. Thus, I said yes, but just for a little glass and only 15 minuts because I had so much to get done....
At midnight I finally came home, had done nothing of what should have been done and felt wonderful, because I spent time with a friend and I watched the game (Switzerland lost, but it was a nice match, fair, with cool scenes) and drunk more than one glass.

Now, it is some 7 hours later, and I do not feel that well anymore. The pile of mails did not disappear yesterday night and I have to see that I will get things done today! In that sense.... fragrant wishes my dear perfume lovers. I look back at yesterday evening as a study for a future football perfume: Get to know your clients first!


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