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Friday, June 30, 2006

full bloom

My lavender is in full bloom right now and I started my day by cutting a few flowers and holding them under my smelling knop. It is a wonderful scent, with a but..... The "but" is referring to the man-made lavender oil. Water distilled, cooked, transported by water vapors and collected after a rather harsh process, this extract misses a lot of the real thing. It's deprived of most of the spicy character, the rosmarin notes and also part of the woody character (ah...the coumarin! with its softness, sweet, almond nutty fat and creamy) The essential oil is much more flowery and not surprisingly , somehow tamed.

I have a lavender concrete which is like a mixture of the essential oil abstraction and the wild thing. Green in colour it is very tempting to work with: Coumarin notes, green woodyness with etherical spices. Talking about Coumarin: The next step for my lavender will be a Coumarin (tonka beans?)/vanilla chord that is intended to add some wilderness to my nicely dressed essential oil. I am also considering too add some vetiver that would nicely branch out for the okoumal/cistus/castoreum accord. This will be one line of action today. The other will be more factory oriented again.

Not that the copy of the flower's true scent is the goal, but it guides the way what to do with the essential oil. Bring back part of the wild, untamed character, add some of the fierceness of lavender fighting for the bees on dry Mediteranean ground, in full sunlight....


Anonymous Anya said...

Hi Andy:
Came across this perfume blogger's very strange description of a SL lavender perfume. If her description was mean to praise his take on it, it did the opposite with me, as I found her ramblings about it repulsive. I actually like a lot of what she writes, but her lavender-hate (the fresh plant, most perfumes with it) was palpable, and then *this*:

11:48 AM  
Blogger andy said...

hehehe... Anya, I must admit, I did not agree with Ms Wit of the Staircase, but I appreciate her being very straight forward. Of course she is wrong about the flowers. Be it the phallus thing, the flowers open and then there is nothing left to associate with this organ anymore, be it the beauty of the flower. I realized it when I took the first macro photo years ago. This flower is beautiful, with the blue little petals forming a perfect landing place for little insects, and the little redish nob in the middle and then the lovely lushious green, furry straight line that holds the flowers.
But, obviously her taste is different. And that's ok. What I did not really get. Does she like SL's interpretation or not?

1:20 PM  

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