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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

a lovely day

Happy 4th of July to all my readers in the US, enjoy and celebrate!
In todays post we will visit together the skeleton of a scent. I worked for quite a while on the scent with Lavender. hmmm...I need a project/category name for it, because my new blog that will soon go live and replace my blogspot.com blog, allows me to easily create categories....hmmm... how about ....hmmm...can't think of anything clever as working title for this project of mine... I will have to ask Barry ;-)
Well, I worked on it, with the goal to come up with a sketch that is good enough to be followed further, approaching at least schematically the picture I have in mind. Looking back at it, I can clearly see how this draft might work; it will need much more to become wearable, but the basic lines might fit. The next step: Do it again and move on by decorating things out. I will leave the skeleton mix for maturation just to see how it develops over time.
Starting with what I had already (Okoumal, with a hint coumarin, kephalis, cistus, and castoreum, decatone) I moved on, carefully not to mess things up again. I added a fir line with bergamot to the top, an orris line (which will need careful fine tuning later, right now it is just a line) and sandalwood to the base.
And finally: The lavender...I have a large selection of various qualities at hand, not to miss the synthetic lavender boosters; I decided for a mix of my French lavender with the Bulgarian quality.
The synthetic boosters will come later, when I work on the flesh for this skeleton. Like testosterone doses added to your daily vitamine intake brings about muscles, reduces fat and makes you look like a handsome guy, boosters like linalool add volume to a lavender, bring down the sweetness and excessive flowery aspects. As with all things in live, it is just a matter of dose, too much and your lavender looses its natural appearance and looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his days as actor, before his botox time as governor....


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Barry to the rescue!!!!!!!!

Sticking to the destination theme, we have had Lonestar as in Texas, Maroc, Marocain.

Now we have the lavender theme and what just sprung to my mind was....

Provencal Summer

That is of course, if the perfume contains lavender from Provence.

Just an idea.

6:45 AM  
Blogger andy said...

hehehe... Barry, the creator of world famous names, beloved for his genius, ... I will use it in the category settings as the French Lavender must come from the Provence....let's hope for best. Provencal summer sounds great for a category title. Much better than something neutral like "innovation".
Thanks Barry.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Leopoldo said...

If it's racy, you could go for Lavand Oo La La! Although I guess that's more Liberace than Arnie...

I've always loved Echt and unmoglich (forgive my umlaut deificiences) as german words, and de trop in French, but I'm not sure they sit happily with lavender.... I wonder what perfumes would fit them.

11:02 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Echt? and Unmöglich?

Funny... I love appealing and appalling beause they are so close together...
and goat and goose.. .but that's another story....
Well, no offence, but I'll go with provencal summer

12:02 PM  
Blogger Anya said...

My Anya's Tropical Essences line (early 1990s) had a lavender perfume - Riviera. The name is yours if you want it ;-)

I realize I'm still on the kick of naming the perfumes after "places" as my new line is about botanical gardens. I just did some artwork for my Riverside, if you want to mosey over to my blog (got a Texas word in there, Lonestar dude!)

2:21 PM  

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