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Lonestar Memories: Katie on Scentzilla. (...) Lonestar Memories smells of the examined life. Inside there is joy, and there is tiny heartbreak, e xisting only in reverie. The scent unravels into the consideration of past experiences, and pinings for future joys and heartbreaks(...)

Lonestar Memories: Marlen Harrison's review on PerfumeCritic.com (...) If you're a lover of leather or richer wood fragrances, this is gonna be a holy grail scent and in that case, better get two bottles.(...)

Lonestar Memories: Cait Shortell's review on Legerdenez. (...) Do you appreciate scent because you identify with the scent and its image? Does a scent have the ability to create a memory outside one’s own experience?(...)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tant de bruit

You know the feeling? Working for a long time on something and then, suddenly, it is finished. And you start wondering " What have I done all the time? For this little omelet? ". I am referring to the French saying "tant de bruit pour une omelet" which means something like..."what's all the fuss about this little flat thing that you have produced", or so.
Thus, I sit in front of my computer screen, and wonder what took me so long. Looking back now, things seem to have taken endlessly. Reading my posts about it I feel like waking up after much too much hemp smoking and looking back, in real time again, and not understanding ...Or looking back down the trail once arrived on the mountain, sweaty maybe, but still wondering what took me so long for these few meters....
Thus, I look back. Somehow melancholic. I have to let my baby go.

Somewhere on this globe it is June 15 by now. Therefore: We launch Lonestar Memories.


Blogger katiedid said...

Congrats, Andy. I believe wholeheartedly that it will be a big success.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

I whish you all the luck with the lauching of Lonestar Memories! Let your baby go and grow andy, it will find his way.

5:01 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Kaitie
Thank you! I hope that we will find a few liking it ;-)
Well, at least we have already a lot of clients in Zurich who saw the packaging yesterday and love it!
(but they could not buy it yet....)
Dear Jenny
Thank you so much! And now I want to read the interview made by you...on your blog

11:15 PM  

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