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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


After yesterdays wonderful evening with white wine, excellent company and as little football as was possible (Switzerland versus France, 0:0, hard to find a place without a screen) I face a day that will be rather busy.

Hence I have to limit myself to a little post today. Maybe an online issue on the side. I light of my vacation coming end of July, I figured out that I need to pump up my mobile computing. Meaning I want to be able to able to download my mails wherever I am, write posts wherever I stand and do business whenever I feel like it. Hmmm … a first trial yesterday and this very morning with the fancy Swisscom (local telcom provider) Liberty card is not entirely as expected. Sure, from time to time you find a super-trooper UMTS cell. But most of the time, liberty means the liberty to think about life, mankind and other stuff while waiting for internet pages to load.

So far not convincing. I will try the competitor and see what their coverage is. By the way: This post was posted from the train... at 160 km per hour. cool, ain't it?

Then: I have changed the hosting for the tauerperfumes domain, from a Windows host to a Linux host in order to get a MySQL database. That was easy. Next will be to move the website there and then bring everything under one domain: Blog and website. Not, that I have any clue what MySQL really means in technical terms and how things work in the backend. But I guess it is like driving a car. You can drive perfectly without having a clue what’s going on beneath you.

Later today I will see that I can bring things up to Pascal’s online shop and put my stuff life for the Lonestar Memories and then…. Then it is about time to work seriously on perfumes again.


Blogger katiedid said...

Oh you will like the Linux hosting so much better! The word is that the Windows-based stuff is works slower and is compartively bloated. The Linux is sleek.

2:03 PM  

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