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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Smells like one you can buy.

Finally, I was brave enough to touch my lavender again, trying to come up with something useful. And while doing so, I felt so much appreciation for the two perfumers working on Marina’s and Katie’s scents, to be followed on made by blog. Brave men, and I am glad that I do not have to produce new perfumes on a daily basis. IFF would fire me within a week, after my boss realized that the newly created fragrances in bottles next to my desk are moving somewhere between pile of rotten lavender flowers and lily, cooked for two hours with a pile of fir needles ;-)

Thus, the only thing I got is: Doubts and a bottle with something that is like wire model of a scent, containing the resin-fir head of terpinylacetat and nopylacetat with some linalool, two different lavenders (mailette and a classical French one), some green lily-of-the-valley mix, Kephalis and Sandalore…ah forgot bergamot. Well, this is about the best wire model I could think of yesterday evening. Somehow…. I am a little bit blocked, considering seriously whether the lily of the valley is what I want to have in there…. Thus, the wire model draft of a fragrance landed on a paper strip and then under W.’s nose without additional comments from my side.

What I got back was “hmmm, good, that smells like a perfume you can buy”.

Wrong answer! First one can buy my perfumes, too. Secondly, I worry…. am I getting main stream here? Thirdly, he should have said “ that’s not finished yet” or something like that. Hmm… we will have to be tougher with him the coming days. Educate a spoiled nose!


Blogger Konstantin said...

Dear Andy, I am absolutely sure that you know better than I (especaill since I have not smelled your lavender note) but I am also sure that it cannot be like anything else on the market. For once, it has been created with an idea which you would like to develop further as far as I get it. And I am intrigued sin e lavender is one of the most fabulous things to smell and extremely tricky to work with (at least for me). as to the presence of lily of the valley, I think it is a wonderful combination but perhaps even better would be if you try with some violet in the mixture (ionones)? I find the combination violet lavender to be fabulous and I am sure that under your supervision it can become a successful non-main-stream concotion.


12:12 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Konstantin
I agree. lavender is pretty difficult to work with , also for me. I thought about adding some iso-raldeines (ionones), but eventually, I will skip the lily and come up with a green line that is somewhat crisper....galbanum ,but then: This is even harder to work with.
Enjoy your evening

8:42 AM  

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