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Thursday, January 05, 2006

French and magic English words

There is no doubt left. This is the reason why France is the place where some of the best perfumes were born: It’s the French soul, mirrored by the language which is astonishing. It transforms every prosaic textual description into a dance of words. The words circle and bend with a rhythm and melody that enchants the innocent and amazes the baffled ignorant. You can write magic poems in German, too; but your words will dance to a different melody. French is wonderful.
When I got the professional French translation yesterday of my German text for “Le Maroc pour elle” thanks to Mariette, I fell in love immediately. We should skip the German description entirely, and let the words dance, in harmony with the dance of scents.

And-if we really care for an english sentence- we should use Alla's words which are marvellous, dream stuff; I couldn't come up with a magical sentence like that. Maybe I should consider having our customers do the writing. Thank you Alla!
(l'air du désert marocain) "...magnificently, a hot sirocco, fire and sun, brilliant. Within lies the rhythm of the savannah, and a wild erotic dance."

And thank you Mariette for the translation:
"Le Maroc pour Elle, eau de parfum
Une fragrance ensoleillée, un arôme oriental sensuel et passionné

Le Maroc pour Elle exhale la senteur des roses marocaines à l’aube, harmonisée aux effluves érotiques du jasmin au crépuscule. Une quintessence florale fondue dans une base d’extrait de cèdre invente l’enchantement sensuel.
La note de pointe est soutenue par de frais citrons sur de la lavande. La mélodie en sourdine est composée de cèdre du Haut Atlas porté par des bois orientaux."


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