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Friday, December 30, 2005

Hyperessence push here

Yesterday, I was due to lucky circumstances forced to spend an hour in Zurich without anything to do, having to wait for the next meeting at 5. In light of semi-arctic temperature I chose to stroll around the so called Shopville and discover the world by random patterns.
I was strolling and having fun, when I came to a 1.5 m high thing, which looked neat, shiny and dark like a Japanese cookie box, it was like a square column, standing in front of a shop.

At the top, it was labeled with: Push here! What I did.
Resulting in a good spray of perfume right on my hand, the base of my ring and middle finger. And a state of annoyance. I like to be asked before getting sprayed. Or at least, I would like to get a simple warning: If you push here you will get sprayed there.....
So I was spending an evening with a sticky somewhat disturbing scent which turned out (at closer inspection of the black push machine) to be the new Davidoff Silver Shadow. Sticky in the sense that it is very present and survives a few handshakes when sprayed on your finger...., sharp in a sense, rather uniform and boring me after 5 min. There is little depth in it, but here I have to say that it is kind of a fair game: You smell what you get immediately and are circularly rotating around a theme which is not bad at all, dry woods, oriental with green spikes.
What I find most disturbing is the description of this Davidoff scent on scentsdirect (http://scentdirect.com/), a place where you find me from time to time, recommended by Heather on her wonderful blog, .....
I have no idea what a hyperessence is. I think they mean something like CO2 extract (high pressure procedure). Marketing at its best. It is time to introduce some giga absolutes and mega essentials and miraflow oil...
Here's the text on Scentdirect:
"This fragrance is a combination, both classic and contemporary, whose initial freshness gives way to a cosy, comfortable signature. The pure blend eau de toilette has hyperessence of Siamese benzoin added to the base to accentuate the rich, warm facets of the original oriental harmony."


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

To think that people get paid mega money to write rubbish like that when it doesn't mean anything to anybody.

I can understand your annoyance at getting sprayed like that Andy. It's always the nasty ones that seem to linger on the hand after being sprayed.

2:38 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Barry
Thank you for your understanding. I wouldn't go so far to call Davidoff's new one "nasty", it is more on the boring side to me. Which is a pitty: They have an excellent brand, great cigars, and the world would appreciate a high-end, classy perfume from Davidoff, even for a high price!

2:42 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I used to sample perfumes and sprays on me personally because I like to see how a scent matures actually on me - but I have been accosted with such headache inducers that its the scent strip for me from here on.

They should have warned you - gimmicky but naughty.


7:53 AM  

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