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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Simplicity in perfumes is wonderful and difficult to reach. And who wouldn’t dream of a delicious fragrance, transforming the fragrant pleasures of scents in brown pharmacy bottles into an artfully created masterpiece. Well, you guessed it. I will talk about be delicious for him by DKNY. This post is a bit lengthy, because tomorrow, there will be probably be no post.

Although the days between Christmas and New Year were filled with HTML code and layout questions, there was time to meet with Vero, my dear perfumer mentor, and bring her and my nose together. After a dry cherry on the lady’s side and a cool Californian Chardonnay on mine, we let our nose sink on “be delicious”.

Our venture of smelling the sample kept us busy for about 30 seconds. I got a sample in a shop where I bought my toothpaste the other day, so we didn’t spend too much money on these 30 seconds. We then moved on without looking back, so to say, as there was not much that would be worth looking at. Except for the sample package which is nice and shiny on the inside. And the apples like flacon which looks expensive, but probably isn’t. The last point is ok for me; one has to compromise in life, even in perfumery. The shiny sample is ok for me too, as I got my free sample without having to ask for it. I just wonder whether it wouldn’t pay off to limit sampling and invest the free money into some components and creativity.

My first association with the paper strip under my nose was dish washer, because I once got a sample of a newly launched green plastic piece in the form of a little apple. You put it into the dishwasher and in a magical transition the ugly stinky dishwasher would transform into an apple scent dispenser. You would sit in the kitchen, surrounded by the fragrant delusion of an apple orchard in Chile, with trees almost breaking down under the burden of Granny Smith. So, there definitively is some apple in it (which fits with the marketing message!). The nose still on the paper, the next association was eternity, because I sometimes imagine hell to be managed by TV stars with the purpose to bore the bad guys until eternity has come to an end. The next clear thought was something like limonene based woody green, stingy assembly of something unclear. And then Vero and I stopped. From Antaeus and Dior home which is very interesting, we went back once, just to realize that the apple orchard has been bulldozed away, leaving a stingy woody desert. Thus: Get your sample and test it yourself!

The other issue during this meeting was my leather note. Here, we thought about adjusting its base, bringing in some Sandalwood (in light of the S. alba crisis Sandalwood translates into S. Vanuatu from Eden Botanticals, S. spicatum again from Eden or Libertynatural with Sandalore prolonging the dryout and supporting the woody note) and add a Patchouli/Tonka bean accord. The head note needs also improvement which means: Focus and softening, without diminishing the nice green Geranium based touch.

There is one thing left to be said about be delicious: It may be boring and dull, but still…. It smells in a way that customers eventually will buy it. The leather is not there, yet.


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