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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

business blog

This weblog is, with all its personal aspects blended into scents related topics, a business blog, too. With 2005 coming to an abrupt end soon the time has come to critically reflect on this year’s in and out and next year’s line of action. This is a process that I have not boxed into a process control document, such as a best practice guide that pinpoints indirectly what has been gone wrong in the past.

I rather do it as batch job, erratic like a rabbit feeding on a green lot, jumping from here to there. It has to be mentioned for the record: Rabbits are very unsystematic in that respect. Being a process oriented person you cannot watch them hopping from here to there and eating the chlorophyll saturated stuff in a pattern that reminds you of Brown’s motion. Yet, they are – as a species – amazingly successful and maybe there is a reason for them not to feed in an organized pattern: From left to right, for 1 meter, then returning, until they are done. I can not figure out a good reason, but there must be. Thus, I do my looking back the same way:

We have given away a substantial amount of samples which partially paid back. There seems to be a negative correlation between distance from the shop and the return on investment for the samples given away (and sent). Meaning: The farther we’ve sent the samples, the less people bought. Number of sold perfumes = Factor_x*(number of samples sent)/(distance from shop) Here we can improve by working on Factor_x (stretch goal 1 for 2006).

We had coverage in different beauty and lifestyle journals of le Maroc pour elle. The most successful coverage was in Annabelle Switzerland. Although it was only a short coverage, we still have customers asking for the Le Maroc pour elle, pointing to last June’s edition. So, here’s the goal for 2006….. Some of you may have realized: I am somewhat ego-centred. I have logically accepted that the earth is circling the sun. But deep in myself I am still convinced that the gravitational centre of this part of the universe is there where I am. Therefore, I figured out that the time has come to reach for a little home story, or a least a little perfumery home story. I imagine myself, being in the gravitational centre of hundreds of roses, nicely arranged in my living room with their natural fragrance mixing with scent layers of jasmine and cedar wood from the paper strips, chatting with a charming journalist from Annabelle. After 60 minutes the journalist will be fed some biscuits and tee, while he is trying to figure out how to convince his editor to liberate two more pages for the coverage of Andy….

Third goal: I have to become more serious….hehehe.


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Ooops! It looks like a lot of POLers ordered samples from USA. I think that they worry about the poor exchange rate and also a possible language difficulty of ordering from another country.

Did the POL member called 'Glam' ever get to the shop?

10:37 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Barry
That's ok... I have a mission: Bring good scents to the world!
I asked Pascal, the shop owner the other day: He said there was no American showing up. And we were all very disappointed. We had the coke ready in the fridge, and the shop decorated all over with US flags, we even considered singing the US hymn, but Pascal objected, because he is more into classics.... maybe Glam realized what's gonna happen and skipped the shop visit....
By the way: I am just doing some sample stuff, using a new, easier to produce layout, hoping to get some samples into the shop by tomorrow evening.... because: Luca's description of Le Maroc pour elle was in Park Avenue! When I see Mr Turin in my life, I have to buy him a good glass of wine.....

10:48 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Forgot to add this: I am very happy and thank you for your promotion activity on POL. I love it!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Daisy said...

Hello Andy,

I have a few ideas for your business, meant in a constructive way. I just looked at the website where your products are sold, and even though there is an "English" option, much of the text remains in German. This would be confusing to most non-German/Swiss visitors and probably cause a high percentage of abandonment. The second big barrier is payment method -- no Visa, Mastercard or Amex -- this effectively would cause complete abandonment by most non-German/Swiss visitors. Hence the disappointing result in your equation. I think this is the most important contributor to your Factor X. Why don't you consider building a shopping cart feature into your own website? There are many pre-built modules that you can buy, and without a huge number of products, you can keep it very simple. You can also get a prebuilt payment system that accepts credit cards.

Finally, why don't you consider charging a nominal amount for samples? This could be just enough to cover your costs ($5.00 or $10.00), and you could reimburse people if they end up buying the product. This will help eliminate requests from people who are not potential buyers, but rather looking for something free. Why don't you have a look at www.antoniasflowers.com as an example of how this could be done?

Finally, wider distribution would be a good idea if you are truly serious about this as a business. Why don't you try to get on some of the niche sites like www.luckyscent.com?

Just trying to help.

12:04 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Daisy
Thank you very, very much for your post. I highly appreciate and ... do not mind critical remarks at all.
I guess you are right about the shop respectively the German/English and credit card payment issues. This is an aspect we will have to look into and will look into. I have a Paypal account and used to have a little Paypal shop and this is a very easy to use solution to do business accross the atlantik,indeed.
The paying for the samples. Well, you know... when I answered Barry I was telling the truth. I personally enjoy sending samples, imaging romanticly how the samples fly accross the ocean, bringing pleasures to people not known personally. So far, the sampling to the US was a "what comes in goes out" kind of business. As far as sampling in Switzerland is concerned: This works nicely in terms of return on investment.
Wider distribution: Here, we will have news soon....
At the end, I think , we are still building our little brand and doing experiments. Thanks to people like you we advance, slowly maybe, but we advance and in a couple of years from now... we'll have a shop in New York City, 5th avenue of course, selling two perfumes: Le Maroc pour elle and L'air du désert marocain. And we will drink a glass of champagne together, you and me, Daisy.
Thank you for your comments.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Only 2 perfumes Andy? What about the fabled leather masterpiece that is waiting in the wings?

We adore you Andy, we want the leather too!!!!

I can just hear the chant rising now over the Alps of Switzerland.

3:05 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Barry
Comes time comes perfume. but good things in life need time.....
So, I can only pledge for your patience. If you can't wait anymore: Tell me and we will see what we can do for you.... have a nice, scented day

12:22 AM  
Blogger katiedid said...

I do think Daisy's right about the ease for English speakers to obtain bottles - I know I'm intimidated a little of that myself. I can navigate Spanish, and occasionally can pretend I am able to navigate French, but I feel so much more comfortable when everything is in English so I don't feel like I'm missing some detail or getting something wrong.

On the business end, I of course wish you much success, for quite selfishly I know if the others do well then we all will be able to smell more and more creations from you. I have a greedy nose ;)

What is "Park Avenue?" (Besides the actual place, that is.) Is it a magazine or newspaper? Congratulations are in order, I suspect :)

4:08 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Katie
Park Avenue is a high end magazine.
An all German internet page you will find here: http://www.parkavenue.de/
Mr. Turin has a column there, about perfumes. Isnt' this great?
Thank you, too for your comments on the english issue.... I always tend to forget ...

10:29 PM  

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