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Monday, December 26, 2005

Morning thoughts

The moment between night and day, lying in bed, realizing where you are and what is coming next, this short glimpse of crystal clear lucidity before leaving the nightly grave and jumping on a new day venture, is one of the greatest sources of imagination, inspiration and creativity.

This is the moment, where the subconscious world of sleep surrenders and leaves room to the upper layers of computing power. Yet, logic has not established and put through its control functions entirely. It is a bi-phase moment, with nocturnal imaginative power and unlimited associations in one phase and logical connections with deductive abstractions in the other phase. The two are mixed together in a state which is very labile and soon goes either in one or the other direction. I made lengthy use of this state this morning, allowing me to write this post and continue my perfume endeavour later.

This morning'’s bi-phase output: I have to change the text in the sample inner cover (I am rebuilding the -“Le Maroc pour elle-” sample, including the mini-pump spray that I will use in the future as well as the paper cover), I have to add a touch patchouli to the leather version 18.3, I should pack the Maroc pour elle eau de parfum the next time not in a card board box, nicely white with black-and-white labels, but rather put it into a velvet bag, simple to produce, yet looking nice too. I will have to finish packaging Le Maroc pour elle. I guess the last thought was due to yesterday'’s packing effort. I spent some late night hours with boxes and labels. Which allowed me to meet another bi-phase state, transporting me the other way round from day to night, much less inspiring than the morning state.

You simply go from awake to sleep, binary in a sense, with your head falling on the table.


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