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Saturday, October 01, 2005

déjà vu and alcohol

Today, I read a small query on my blog about Birchtar which I still have to answer.... soon.

So, I visited the blog of Ms Slave2love (dear readers: There will no offensive content, the name being eventually slightly misleading, so please continue reading.....). If you are also interested you to visit this blog, especially the note on starting perfumery , click here .

For me, this note was an almost 100% copy of what I went through and experienced when starting to walk on this new planet perfumery. Me too: I was talking at the very end with the boss of a few companies in Switzerland, arguing what I am going to do with what and figuring out how they could sell stuff to me, not being a multi-million dollar company. My first chemicals I had to by via a pharmacy (this after 4 years studies in chemistry and a PhD after 5 years....)! One company was happily sending me an offer for a particular chemical, but they assumend my request for 100 gramms was a typing mistake, thus, the offer was for 100 kg.... they just couldn't imagine what one would possibly get done with 100 gramm.

Anyhow: There are companies that are great and very helpful for the micro perfumer. I just want to mention two of them:
Essencia in Switzerland selling naturals and synthetics within Switzerland
Biolande in Grasse, naturals, synthetics and wonderful artessences. They have local agencies in many places and great stuff!

Amazingly enough: I never had troubles with the Ethanol so far. Here a warm and grateful thank you! to Alcosuisse, the Swiss Federal Office in charge of providing licences, respectively authorization to buy Alcohol which is only partially denaturated. These people at the Alcosuisse are really how you wish your federal offices to be: Efficient, willing to find a solution, supportive and very open minded.

And now, my dear readers, I wish you a nice week end.
Next week: I will tell you everything about this afternoon adventure: I am going to make sauerkraut....from scratch.... happy Kraut cutting with mom.


Blogger katiedid said...

I am afraid I've nothing to say about the perfumer part of your post, but homemade sauerkraut! How fun, and how tasty! I have such fond memories of doing just that with my great-grandmother. Of course, she did everything in big batches, so we'd all be up to our elbows in jars and cabbage. She made it kind of spicy, and since I've grown I've never been able to find anything that tastes as good that's made commercially. (She also made an impossible amount of pickled beets and watermelon, too.)

3:19 PM  

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