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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Coffea arrabica

Today, I will post two notes, with this one being a shorty. In the business section of yesterdays newspaper was a rather lengthy article about coffee prices (not what we pay in the shop, but rather what is paid in Rotterdam or wherever Coffee is sold by tons) and the decline of what remains in the hands of the coffee farmer. For all coffee lovers a take home message here: Please, buy your coffee from cooperatives where the farmers get a couple of cents more for their coffee, as in the last year the coffee traders made more profit while the farmer’s share dropped close to nothing. For all coffee perfume lovers: There’s a must read on in the latest post on lovely perfume blog: .
And finally for all my readers who wonder what it is like creating a coffee perfume note: It’s a tricky one. On a scale from 1 (easy like tutti-frutti) over 3 (flower-power) to 6 (leather, my personal nightmare) it is 5.5. It is quite easy to come from a wonderful Coffee absolute (like the one from Liberty which is gorgeous) to something like:
Coffee was there but is gone
Scent of an old coffee can with scent layers of an old mouldy cup filled with yesterday’s delight
Copy of Starbucks in the morning, nice, but single-lined and not surviving the morning sun.

Thus, I stick to drinking this brain teaser and will consider a flower-power-bomb which is soothing my ego.


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