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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bubbling and an executive board wearing pour un homme by Caron

We live in a bubble world. Bubbles all around us. We have bubble theories for the universe and are faced with economic bubbles on planet earth that come and go, like the new economy bubble (gone) and the housing market in Great Britain (still there). The cool thing with bubbles: They are there and keep on growing by some intrinsic power of self expansion up to a certain point when suddenly, things crash and the bubbles leave empty space, allowing you to see the real ground again and not just only the mirrored wishful reflections on the sphere’s surface. Maybe planet earth is also faced with a perfume bubble right now and if I was on the executive board of one of the big perfume firms, I would raise my eyebrows and put on my x-ray glasses in order to get a vision of things as they are. One issue on the agenda of my next executives board meeting would be to study why there are long time survivors in the business and why others are as short lived as a fruit fly. And being an executive I would wonder how many fruit flies my firm has launched right now.

One long time survivor for instance is “Pour un homme, by Caron”. With its art deco bottle, this green perfume has become a classic. It is not my favourite fragrance but I like it. It is green, with a nice geranium accord and lots of lavender coming into play right from the start, it goes on rather fresh, cool somehow, reminding me of a may spring morning, kneeling in my garden and cutting the lavender plants that haven’t started blooming yet and inhaling this woody lavender scent. It has powdery aspects, soft woods in the background with some tonka beans (Coumarin) and vanilla. It is a modest note, just being there, pleasing.

Coming back to my executive board: Here, in this multimillion dollar round of important men and women, this perfume would fit perfectly. Dressed in their grey – black business uniforms, these 50+ men (and women) might well wear it, spray it on before their meeting and get started thinking about their company’s long term survival while enjoying layers of a wonderful perfume in their meeting room.

The only trouble: Live within a bubble is quite comfortable and from the inside things look greater than they are.


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