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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My bottles arrived. On Thursday, right before leaving for Brussels which was like it was the last time: Sunny, lovely, with lots of white-shirts, colourful ties, grey suits administrative office men (and women). My bottles for l’air du désert marocain: Finally after weeks of begging and praying for safe shipment they arrived in perfect shape, nicely arranged in cardboard boxes, untouched, pure and waiting silently to find their fulfilment. This bottle was chosen for its simplicity and clarity. It is unpretentious, modest, and with its silver-grey cover cap, rounded edges on the top of the cap, it fits nicely with the perfume it will carry. A scent which is my personal interpretation of an evening at the edge of the great Moroccan Sahara, warm evening winds from the cedar tree covered hills mixing with the spicy and flowery fragrance of a green spot in midst of growing sandy hills.

Christmas season in terms of désert marocain is safe and I am a happy, but the next couple of days a busy man. For me, this is always a very private moment of greatest joy: To prepare the labels, bottles, covers, all layers that holds my perfume tight in place, the cocoon of the fragrance, before it is finally liberated into the air, stretching its wings and setting off to fly away.


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