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Friday, September 30, 2005

Green power

Ever tried to concentrate the equivalent of 10 meter square of perfectly mown English grass together with the yield of fresh leaves in May from a 20-year old Birch in a few drops? Ever dreamt of isolating the radiant powder of Tuberose and squeezing it together with the powder aspects of Violet leaf absolute, separated from all flower aspects, into a bottle? This is Cyclamenaldehyde. I admire this scent for its purity in conception (by the way: I adore Alien I, I am a sci-fi addict and the movie is a classic in this field. There is one scene where bad android confesses to a crew member (before trying to kill… Ripley?) something in the sort of “I adore the purity of the Alien creature’s concept”. A wonderful scene. First: Ripley survives. Secondly: Android gets terminated (killed). Thirdly: I like the idea of man made things coming to the conclusion that another creature is from a design point of view superior to its creators. And finally: Bad android might well have liked Cyclamenaldehyde, too, for its metallic shine it may bring into a composition)

Cyclamenaldehyde is not an easy scent to work with, and it is not found in nature, too. It is incredibly powerful and may turn very dominant within a composition. I find it very intriguing to work with in combinations with Lavender notes in Fougères, to empower flowers where I want to get an extra green twist or with woods where I want to bring in another dimension of fresh greenness and light powder. In my hands, it blends extremely well with anything green such as Galbanum, Geranium, Violet leaf, or with citrus notes, or Vetiver notes. Right now, I am working with it trying to bring in an extra twist to a green top note within one leather trial….. (you see, the leather theme is really, really very dominant right now. It will not have peace before I found the solution to this composition challenge….)

A word of warning: Keeping the balance with Cyclamenaldehye it is quite a task and easily you find yourself abandoned in a green wasteland, uniformly transformed into a grassy nightmare of Cyclamen power.


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