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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Kindly asking for your attendance

We are, unfortunately, not the only ones actively engaged in bringing perfumes to the market. There are many, many more out there. And most of them are much, much bigger, with their voice being heard everywhere, their light shining with 1000’s of Watts all night long. Therefore, the mission: Get noticed, with the right message! (In the end, it all cooks down to positioning marketing. Here for all interested: A blog on the issue of branding and beyond.)

The December scent apéro, featuring a lecture on scents and the fragrance of the Maghreb, will be one cornerstone to shine and twinkle ourselves on Zurich’s night sky, too. We miss the resources to pay the electricity bill for a couple of 1000 Watt lights, brilliant Neons flickering in all colours and forms, but at least we can afford to switch on the 50 Watt lamp and let it shine for one night, so to say. Before this light show of ours is brightening Zurich’s sky, I have to prepare some things that are not easy, such as writing the text for the back of the catalogue which has to be ready in three weeks. This text should announce the event, should create awareness and the ultimate goal: It must be so intriguing that any readers immediately fall into a state of mind where they mechanically grab their agendas, label the date with red pencils and are 100% devoted to attend this most important event. (Something like in the B-movies of the 60’ies, 70’ies where the empire of evil was programming innocent people to become killing monsters upon a signal that was sent to them.)

Thus, I have to find the right words, telling somebody I do not know yet, that the event takes place, that it is going to be interesting and that it might be worth to consider participation. And this is so tricky! I stumble over the words, walking forth and back between poetic lengthy descriptions that are painful to read and short, up-to-the-point marketing messages that are somehow embarrassing. It is really tricky to find the right words without blowing up pathetic marketing bubbles that may sound nice but are exchangeable. By the way: It is even worse trying to find the right prose for my perfumes. But that’s another story. Paper is patient; the same is true for my computer’s screen which has seen endless variations on the theme: Please, don’t miss this interesting event…..


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