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Monday, October 03, 2005

Brain stuff

It is amazing how our brain is working, if it is. Yesterday, I was walking home through a never ending rain which started on Saturday and continued until this morning. I was thinking about the week end and an e-mail by Kirstin, wherein she asked me about Mousse de Saxe (anyone out there who smelled Mousse de Saxe?). Walking down a hilly street looking over soaking wet Zurich I suddenly remembered a specific scene from a cartoon movie of my childhood days: It was a series in which a professor played a key role and whenever there was a trouble, Mr professor went into his thinking room and the saying would go like “…and he thought and thought and thought”. Finally, you would see Mr. Wise walking around in circles until he found a solution to a little problem like saving the world from aliens and he would build a machine to do just that.

This little flashback from long past days came to my mind yesterday, probably because it was mostly what I did this weekend with my leather note. I was thinking about it, analyzing a version which is ok so far, trying to imagine what changes had to be introduced. In order to help my 1 kg nervous tissue to solve this task, I grouped the lines into four individual traits: Green, spicy fresh Geranium, Orange flower, woody line and a line “mix de cuir”. After two days thinking about it, I prepared all four traits in different bottles and mixed them together in order to reach equilibrium.
Thus, Kirstin, the cuir premix might interest you:
Vanillin, Oakmoss, Birchtar, Castoreum, Iso butyl Chinolein, Jasmin abs., para Cresylcaprylate (traces!), Ambrein, Cocoa abs., Cistus oil, Violet leaf abs.

The trick here: Cocoa absolute. This one really adds an extra twist of sweetness and imparts light heartedness for which I was looking for a long time. And that’s the nice thing about our brain, sometimes it works and old memories pops up intermingled in associative images. You don’t know where they come from but suddenly they are there.

A final word on the Sauerkraut storyline: 20 kg kraut has successfully been transformed. It is now in a 25 l barrel (polypropylene) and in 4-6 weeks it should be transformed by happy little Lactobacilli doing their conservation job.

Collateral damage: Two fingers hit seriously (knife), one arm weakened (recovering).


Blogger slave2love said...

I find that often I will "think and think and think", about something, then put it aside because I'm exhausted by the process. Yet, the brain continues on with it quite independently, and suddenly a solution will pop out unexpectedly, hours, days, or weeks later, quite often at the moment of first waking up in the morning.
"Maceration" of your ideas!

3:19 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Exactly! Especially after a long sleep I sometimes wake up and have the long sought solution to a problem. This happened in the case of le Maroc pour elle, where suddenly, one morning, I woke up with the (almost finalized) composition in my head... but stuff like that happens rather rarely, indeed.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Andy!

Mr. Turin show me the way to your blog and I have a lot of pleasure reading your blog today! :)

I really would like to try your scents - do you have a sample program?

Sorry that I ask you that question - as I`m not a perfumer, I`m pretty ignorant about perfume chemicals - what components stands for the leather (and suede) notes and gives that smell?
Is there any evolution in leather notes as some of them were prohibited (I read about quinoline prohibition due to cancer possibilities)?
Maybe you could give a link to read about leather notes?

Sincere yours,
Sergey AKA moon_fish
My blog is on Russian - but it`s also devoted to perfumes. Not in perfumer way - but in way of perfume-lover.

12:54 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Sergey
I was just visiting your blog and was looking for an e-mail address but I could not find it. I hope you read this post and you will send me an e-mail.
First: Unfortunately I do not speak russian, nor can I read your letters, but what I have seen in terms of Latin Alphabet Perfumes sounds for sure interesting on your blog!
Please send me an e-mail with your address and I will send you two samples of the two perfumes that are on the market.
Please visit also: http://www.eieflud.co.uk/blog/?p=37 for a description.

Your question about a link with info on leather tones.... tricky... maybe you want to start here:
http://www.basenotes.net/community/YaBB.pl?num=1118682530 this discussion is a hint I got from a fellow blogger, Slave2love.
Enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful autumn day

12:22 PM  

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