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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I feel happy

From time to time my statcounter account behaves like a wheel of fortune. Besides the referring websites from my fellow perfume lovers and bloggers around the world, a few interesting referring pages show up that I like to check out. Being a curious person, I wonder how people find things on the web (well, to be specific… my things) and then there is this fun factor of discovering sites you wouldn’t dream that they exist. Here is one of these sites: A universe of feelings across the blogosphere, with the aesthetic of bubbling space. (http://www.wefeelfine.org) Thus, I feel happy and hope to find me there, in this emotions universe, by tomorrow.
One reason for my “I feel content”: Early July we were given the chance to have our perfumes present at a sensual, oriental, women-only celebration and I prepared yesterday a slightly modified overview leaflet about my two perfumes for this event, allowing to glue the samples directly onto this leaflet. I feel pleased because it is such a nice fit, my perfumes with this event, and I feel proud to be given this opportunity, allowing me to widen the circle of people getting to know the scents.
I also feel amused because I read yesterday a funny post on Scentzilla.com featuring among other things some ponies, and an interesting and also quite funny post on Legerdenez about the never ending stream of modifications of perfumes, from the wonderful original to the spring version, the sport version, the male edition, the baby powder, a teenager version, …. When leaving the computer yesterday evening, I had visions of huge lemons, squeezed to oblivion.
Finally, I feel thrilled because I will very, very soon get my parcel from Essencia with lots of goodies that feed my curiosity. And I feel excited because another parcel, containing lots of flyers with cowboys is also on its way.
Well, I feel that my “I feel” statements should do it by now. Enjoy your day and tell us how you feel.
Ah.. here’s another one: I feel beautiful, I carry my experimental l’art pour l’art orris note.


Blogger Heather said...

Thats actually quite alot of reasons to feel good today Andy - enjoy your day


1:39 AM  
Anonymous Ylva said...

A new package from Essencia... Lucky You!!
Ever since I got my samples I want to order some, like the lavandin concrete and galbanum resenoid and...
Right now I need to save my money - how boring is that ;-)

PS If anyone have any idea on why I suddenly can't see the webverification letters when I use the Mozilla Firefox browser, but it works fine when I use explorer - fell free to enlight me:-)

3:54 AM  
Blogger Gail said...

Do you mean a smellapalooza? Wonderful! Gail

5:46 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Thank you ,Heather

Ylva: I have not idea about the missing web verification letters. I use firefox myself, version and I see them here and on other sites. hmm...no idea. I can tell you... I SHOULD save my money too. ;-)

Hehehe, gail...

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Ylva said...

Jeeezzz - I had a sort of corrupted disk and therefore Firefox, my ftp program and others didn't work. Luckily my DH is verrrrry computer savvy, so now I'm back on track. But no more playing Doom3 on my computer for my kids, that's for sure.

Time to tuck them into bed:-D

11:43 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Glad you solved that one out Ylva and doom is no good for kids anyway ;-)
Sleep well

12:21 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

What a peculiar site... I kept clicking around to find more, it was rather addictive. Thanks for sharing that!

6:11 PM  

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