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Friday, May 19, 2006

After 9 hours

Well, after 9 hours in front of my computer screen, the time has come to say byebye to this technical masterpiece in front of me and move on to more agreable tasks.
The kitchen is calling because Pascal, his friend, W. and Vero and myself will ....celebrate!
The reason: Luca Turin's article.
The place: My place.
How: Apero with Champagne, Salad with white wine, green asparagus risotto with meat and a delicious red wine, strawberries with vanilla-cream and a schnapps to survive the night.

The scented background: Lilac flowers spread on the table, rosmarine on the meat and Lonestar Memories waves emanating from W. (that 's his priviledge and burden... W. is the one and only beta-tester).

Finally. When visiting his father yesterday in the nursing home, an old lady approached W., asking him what fragrance he wears, because he smelled extraordinary wonderful...That's what she said and then she told him that she possesses some 400 hundred perfumes....the collection of a long life.

What a nice compliment. The next time, he brings a sample with him to the nursing home....makes 401 perfumes!

I send you all fragrant wishes for the weekend.


Anonymous Prince Barry said...

Sounds like you are in for a most enchanting night. Asparagus? What a surprise...tee hee! I am sure that W doesn't mind wearing Lonestar Memories at all.

Andy, you will have to get Luca's new book, it's excellent. I am sure that you will love it.

By the way, the blog seems to be acting strange today, the right hand side with all the links to other blogs and previous posts, vanishes when the page is loaded.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Flora said...

I noticed the odd page also - you have to scroll quite far down to see what should be on the top of the page.

Lilacs and asparagus, and Lonestar Memories? Sounds divine!

11:56 PM  
Blogger scentart said...

The Amber wrapping that Luca Turin so admires is truly miraculous.

It opens the perfume with a salty ambergris tease and continues to mellow into a rich warmth that is comforting and seductive.

Every once in a while that ambergris note returns just briefly enough to entice. Longlasting and delightful, your perfume is truly deserving of his compliments.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Cait Shortell said...

Dear Andy,
Hooray! Your feast sounds lovely. I just read through a few posts from this week and they enchant me. Your garden looks quite cared for in its jungleosity. Here's a toast to you.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Ylva said...

Dear Andy,
What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Hope your and everyone elses are semi-OK today after that mixed drinks;-) Aspargus I just love too, special with homemade hollandaise sauce...
Here the lilacs aren't it bloom yet, but the apple ones starts to enfolds. I went by one very large pink Magnolia tree (as far as I know it's the only one within a walking distance) and I couldn't resist picking one flower. I try to excuse this behaviour with that it had one brused and slightly torned petal. otherwise I wouldn't dared;-) Not only was it wonderful to look at (and in) but imersed my nose in it's fold and a very faint but heavenly and in reminissance of the absolute I have:-)

1:12 AM  
Blogger moon_fish said...

I could hardly wait until Lonestar Memories will be released!!!

(and... 400 hundred equal to 40000, not to 400 perfumes... sorry to accentuate this)

9:01 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Flora and Barry
Now it looks ok on my screen. Maybe it was one of those strange blogger features that happen from time to time?
And right you are: W. loves it!

Dear Flora
The best was... the asparagus. The risotto isn't always working out properly but this time I managed to cook it just right, with the inner of the rice corn still a little bit hard, the whole thing not turning dry. Ah...delicious. And the Pinotage from South Africa was fitting perfectly.

Dear Scentart
Thank you very much for this lovely compliment that is sweetening my night now that I have finally finished my e-mail and can muse around.
Thank you.

Dear Cait
Thank you... but the garden doesn't really fit with my ideal. But this is not the garden's fault. Well, from above and with a distance things look sometimes better then they are.

Dear Ylva
The hollandaise I made the following Saturday when we had the white asparagus. I could eat it every day. Such a delightful vegetable. And so rich in different aromas.

I am a little bit jealous on you.. you have the best of spring before you. I already have to look back. It moves on so fast... you blink and bang! the summer is around the corner, and then another blink and you see the apples ripe on the trees and face winter... well, sort of. I don't want to be too pessimistic here. But I love the picture of you smelling these wonderful flowers.

1:03 PM  
Blogger andy said...

Dear Moon Fish
hehehe...just a few more weeks. Don't worry. It sits safe here in Zurich and is maturing slowly but surely.

1:04 PM  

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